Thursday 3 August 2017

What the World Needs Now (Maybe)

I like this passage from Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Gift From the Sea.
"For to be a woman is to have interests and duties, raying out in all directions from the central mother-core, like spokes from the hub of a wheel."  She goes on to say we are like a spider's web, sensitive to each wind that blows, each call that comes.
 Of course, finding time for ourselves in the midst of all the distractions that is basically life these days is a challenge.  Anne, btw, took herself away to a seaside cottage for a week where she even rolled up the rug and put it away, because she didn't want anything to distract her from her purpose which was to get back in touch with herself.  I seem to lack such devotion to a cause even if the cause is myself!
( Apologies for wobbly photos!)

I like the inscription in her book which I bought at a thrift store, having lost my original copy.

Are you like me, do you wonder who is this Rich/Rick who worded this so sentimentally and old fashioned really, With Fondest Love, this gift he bought for a woman.  Birthday?  Christmas? He purchased it in 1955 in Toronto and used an actual ink pen to write this.  And who was she who would like such a book.
But I like it when people inscribe a book.

New to Me #1

Which brings me to of my new to me things this week.  I'd never heard of it and came across a magazine article about it,  The Curious Case of the Word Sonder by Niel de la Rouviere.  The concept of SONDER intrigues me.


This made me think of many many things, among them the scene in the old comedy series, Mad About You where Paul and Jamie realize they had encountered each other as kids when visiting a New York museum.

  More seriously, I thought of the detective who testified in the Ontario case of an 8 year old girl who had been murdered.  When testifying on the stand, he insisted on using her full name each time he could have said "the victim" and when asked about it he said he wanted the little girl to be a real person to the court.  Making us real to each other can affect how we treat each other;  it can influence how we make important decisions.

Perhaps it is not love that the world needs now (being the tall order that that seems to be) but sonder!

New to Me #2

Something more 'down to earth' called Matchstick Quilting.  When I quilted my little green scrappy runner, I could have done Matchstick quilting on it.  Basically I would have had to run another line of quilting between my existing rows to achieve that.  Kelly Nagel has this excellent article about the technique - Matchstick Quilting Tutorial.

In the right hands, this can be an easy yet very effective technique especially with contrasting thread colours.  I like how it doesn't need templates or anything more than the walking foot.
 This is an example from UK Pinterest.  If you know the maker, please let me know so I can credit this lovely piece.

                          Related image

I really like this chair.  I spied this outside the Vet's clinic last week.  Her century old home is next door and she has decorated all around with wonderful country style items.  But I've never seen a Maple Leaf chair before. Adirondacks of all kinds but not a leaf.  Very Canadian!

The colours reminded me of fall....and I certainly don't want to think of it just yet, but fall is my favourite season.

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