Thursday, 25 May 2023

Blue House, June at Hawk Run Hollow, Me at the Spa

I love lilacs and enjoyed several trees at the farm. My lone tree here is a little lacking in blooms though I've tried several interventions to help it. The flowers seem to fade even as the buds are opening.They are such gorgeous colours...this one is a bicolour I wish it were healthier. 

Below is Claude Monet's Resting Under the Lilac Tree. Now that's a lilac tree! His idea of painting people in the early years was to give impressions of people in a picture.
 I have my Rainbow Neighbourhood QAL blue house all finished. One thing I love about taking part in this QAL is it is keeping me motivated to get in the sewing room and stay on track. 
I've been sorting through greens for the next house and working out the featured block. I seem to take the longest time doing that. The dark green material below is ancient and I haven't a clue where it came from. But a house front it will be soon. 
I pulled out this cross stitch project last week and was surprised by two large the blocks are which I had totally forgotten and how vibrant the colours are.
Each block is 92 x 92 stitches.  I'm finishing up the block for June which happens to be a bridal couple. Being a June bride was a real thing when I was young and I know some of you were. Anyway, with June completed, I'm almost halfway through the Year at Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings, Marty Barrick designer.
Lana at Not Afraid of Color's prompt this week is where we would like to go for a holiday. That's easy for me as I would love to go home to Newfoundland. But it is far away and also any travel is out of the question for me at the moment as life has handed me new responsibilities recently. These require my staying put right here.  I am not particularly sad about this as I am brimful of happy memories of Newfoundland. I feel like I haven't forgotten a thing so it is all very much with me every moment I'm awake and sometimes even in dreams. Grateful for all of it. Where would you like to travel???

Just a heads up...At Quilting Patchwork Applique, kind Frederique has collated and keeps updating all the current QAL's and BOM's, etc.
 Always a few there I didn't know about and interesting to keep up with the modern stitchers too.
 Below is a photo of me taken at the spa, my Mother's Day treat. It always surprises me when I see how white haired I've become and I should be long used to it now. We'd attended a funeral the day before and I felt very, very tired so this was a great distraction. Some of you may remember I gave myself a pixie cut back in January; you can see it for yourself HERE. This is it grown out; I haven't put scissors to it since so my hair must be very slow growing these days. I'm wearing my Olsen blouse from the thrift store. I'm also wearing Mom's charm bracelet. I joked I took her with me. She loved these kind of outings and we shared many together in our younger years. 
Life, it's got a way of just moving on, doesn't it. It seems to be speeding up now at the end which is how I'm feeling about time these days. 

Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Tulip Bouquet, Nona QAL, Blueberry Cream Lasagna

The first turtle sighting took place last week. They do seem to wait for sunshine with warmth here. And have disappeared again with the temperatures dropping-overnight frost warnings continue.
Daughter gave us another of her cakes. This one is Blueberry Cream Cheesecake Lasagna. Recipe here  What a delicious mixture!  A wonderful summertime dessert and Tony's favourite  part was that there was a lot of it. 😊
Speaking of blue berries, I have pieces of my next Rainbow Neighbourhood house block cut out and one section sewn. Blue is up next and I thought of adding a little variety by using a more subdued colour and also experimenting with white windows in this one.
I checked out this video from wonderful Teresa Down Under -who wouldn't be curious about a block called Blueberry Pie.  What a neat block! I may end up with some variation of this to make it fit the space. Or I might just find something else entirely. Either way it will be finalized this week.


I was happy to have this photo of my little Tulip Bouquet table topper at older daughter, Amelia's, house. She has the sweetest little house and has an eye for decorating.          Info about this free pattern HERE.
I just read about this QAL being run by Jessica Dayon, The Nona Quilt Along. Really neat block, actually I think it is two different stylings of the same block maybe? that together form a neat design. Love when that happens. The blocks are free with extensive tutorials.
Jessica's link for more information. Thank you Jessica and all the other wonderful designers who generously share their talents with us!

I was sad about the Indiana Barred Owls. The female laid two eggs, was sitting for a while but then abandoned them. The live feed has been turned off and this is the first time in many years this has happened. I miss seeing the cute little owlets grow and fledge. 

I am keeping very busy; I have Petey staying with us for awhile and I like how much play time the two dogs share. Ned is completely enamoured with his larger, more athletic brother. They are getting me up early and keeping me on my toes, both good things.
I'm also getting out and about with my camera...doused in mosquito spray and wearing a warm sweater. It is still cool in shadowy places where I tend to hang out when hoping to spy birds.  
This week I will be cleaning up the garden and thinking about new plantings, etc. 
Now I feel like it is truly spring.

Friday, 19 May 2023

Lone Star Medallion, Pink Rainbow House, Free Pretty Patterns

I normally want to cling to my time but have to admit I'm glad this week is almost over. There are some things you just want behind you. But there is always good stuff happening is not static thankfully. I felt off my routine so pushed myself to exercise this morning and jog the trail with Ned. I am better for the fresh air and activity.

Oh the greening up of everything outside is just wonderful to witness. Kitchen window view yesterday. That's the faucet there in the almost middle.

Here is a small Song Sparrow and I was happy with this photo. A reminder to keep up a hobby I enjoy- photography. Look at the new buds on the fir tree.
Tony and his biking buddies had their first ride of the season and enjoyed it very much. He's been riding with some members of the group for many decades. They are very careful and ride back roads during the week days. And have their favourite haunts to stop for lunch. 
Well, in time out is the EPP Lone Star Medallion quilt. Here is the only photo I have on hand and here it is still in the templates. They are all out now.
I've had to unpick hand quilted lines twice, yes twice on this piece. First time after stitching one of the diamonds-that was tough after so much stitching. I didn't like my stitches- too uneven. Second time, it was just hard to stitch through the layers and hurt my fingers. I could see why my stitches were not great. So I dismantled the layers, trimmed more of the seam fabric and am giving myself a little break from it. I am pleased with how it is all holding up with the whole thing being hand stitched though. 
Happily, I had better luck in the sewing room with this-  the pink house sporting  the dresden block has been added to my Rainbow Neighbourhood. Dappled sunlight is so pretty too. Overall so bright!
Definitely the house all the neighbours would be talking about. 

LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color's prompt this week was have we had any close encounters with celebrities. I've seen quite a few singing celebrities over the years  in St.John's. Off the top of my head...The Turtles, Kitty Wells, Nana Mouskouri, Willie Nelson, Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Anka, but never close up. 
 For instance I was one of 20000 women who saw Oprah Winfrey when she did a talking concert here in Ottawa. My husband at the time once saw Paul Newman in a northern Canadian airport. Decades ago and he had four bodyguards with him. He certainly did not need them in that setting so I wonder how many he would need in these times. What shocked then hubby was how short Paul was and how old he looked. 

Little towns around here are often used for shooting the Hallmark Christmas movies. Just this week, one of them, Carleton Place, had their main street taken over by a film crew shooting one called A Christmas Homecoming. Christmas decorations and fake snow all over the place. I'm not sure if any of these actors really count as celebrities as such. What about you...have you had any close encounters with celebrities?

Great Stuff and Free too!

Wonderful Gayle at Sentimental Stitches is offering all the free patterns to make a quilt called Dream Garden. Each block features an appliqued flower with embroidered embellishments. So pretty. Wish I could show you more but you'll have to visit that link to see how simple and sweet the blocks are. Could be interesting too with modern fabrics.

All People Quilt I found this sweet table runner and it seems like an easy quick one too. Full instructions with templates are to be found there. Rhoda Nelson designer.
Amanda Gregory has this lovely cross stitch pattern as a free download at her link...Strawberry Heart. Thank you Amanda for sharing your talents with us. 

Daughter and I did get to the spa for a Mother's Day treat. I'll share a photo soon. Hope everyone reading this has the best weekend ever!

Monday, 15 May 2023

Spring Blossoms, EPP Plus Quilt, Sad News

   The spring season is progressing in all its glory. The White Trilliums are in bloom. They are the Ontario provincial flower and the state wildflower of  Ohio. 

And the wild Dog Violets are in bloom too.Very plentiful this year so the rains we had earlier must have helped them.
I now have sewn this project, the EPP Plus quilt below, to the size that I'm happy with minus borders. 42 x 52 . I will really miss stitching these blocks in front of the tv every night.  It's bumpy-still has its' cardboard templates in.

My Rainbow house in pink is taking shape. Hopefully it will be finished this week. Thank you all for the kind comments about my Dresden block. Such a fun little block to stitch. No I didn't have a pattern; I just drew it out myself.
Sad News 
While things have been going along fairly well, we had bad news last week. We received the news of two sudden deaths, one a best friend to older grandson and the other, younger daughter's mother in law. As family do, we have spent our time doing our best to help out daughter with babysitting and dog sitting, etc. In the case of my grandson, there is much for him to absorb and accept and we will continue to support him in any way we can too. 
I don't need to tell you life is both precarious and precious.

 This is a very old piece cross stitched by Mom many years ago. 
She is still and always will be with me in one wonderful way or another. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week enjoying the season in your part of the world.

Thursday, 11 May 2023

Applique, Music, Free Patterns, Rainbow Neighbourhood

The sun came out and dried up all the rain...yes that happened last Friday. Glorious sunshine almost every day since. Temps are a bit cool and there are frost warnings at night. It is shivery still in the shade, but the sunshine makes up for it. Daffodils are blooming and the tiny leaves are appearing on trees. Several of the indoor plants are budding. I'm itching to get these outside.

I began stitching this applique block during the Coronation. I thought it a little tiara like. A dresden block for my next Rainbow house, a pink one. 
I'm surprising myself with the bright colours I am using in this Rainbow Neighbourhood QAL. I usually prefer much more subdued tones. But this is fun too.
And here the neighbourhood is coming together. Technically I've stitched 5.5 houses so far if I count my Butterfly test house. These are large at 16 inches.
LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color's prompt this week is what is our favourite music style. I usually listen to classical piano, cello, or violin in the mornings when up early. Often when I'm writing these posts. A couple times a week I ask google to play me old time rock and roll and I dance to it. This always cheers me up no matter what is happening and I know all the words to the old songs. So it's not only good for the body, it's good for memory too. Sometimes I surprise myself by enjoying something modern right out of the blue. Like a very young Chris Martin singing a song he wrote called Yellow which I love. 

 I heard from many of you about taking the no fabric buying pledge, but some of you are qualifying that with perhaps if a new line catches your eye, or you need more neutrals, :D, etc. Yes, that's a hard pledge to keep as the new fabric lines are always more beautiful than the ones before it seems.  

How to control stash...I never thought of this but I read this suggestion for how to cut down/control adding to stash.  Buy quilt kits. More and more of the fabric stores are putting together kits with the fabric and pattern, no need to purchase more. For instance, as long as I've been blogging, I've received the Connecting Threads catalogue and they always have a bank of quilt kits; they go on sale at different times of the year and are quite a good bargain then. 

 Likes and Free Stuff Too

 Sassafras Lane Designs' free pattern section includes this one -Mini Patchwork Orange.

Red Thread Studio has quite a selection of unique stitching items. One is this project for embroiderers designed by the wonderful stitcher Helen Stubbings. This one is called Stitch Therapy 365, a tiny design to stitch quickly for each day of the year.

I found this link to a bank of free patterns by wonderful Kim many lovely designs. Some so simple but creative too. At the ME Quilt Shoppe. I couldn't grab a photo because each links directly to the pattern. I noticed that Kim's borders are all different and it would be a great spot to explore border choices if you need that. 
At Bonnie Sullivan's site All Through the Night, I found lovely free patterns. Take a look around at what Bonnie (sister of Kathy Schmitz) has been creating. Here is just one of the pretty patterns Bonnie is generously offering.

I was so happy to read that the state of Oregon has deployed firefighters to Alberta, Canada to help them fight the fires that have been blazing there for weeks now. Story is here. It is always enheartening to read about cross border alliances between countries. Helping each other as best we can is the way it should be. 
And on that hopeful note, I'll end my post today. Happy Weekend all. 
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Monday, 8 May 2023

Quiche, Table Topper, Turquoise House Lesson, A Bee To Embroider

Yes the Coronation was wonderful...our King is crowned! I loved every minute of the t.v. footage and I made my Coronation Quiche for the day.  Daughter gave me this flat of fresh eggs including some duck eggs.

I used four of them for the quiche. My finished quiche was probably the least like the official recipe it could be and still be quiche. For starters I couldn't find broad beans. So I knew then there would have to be substitutions. I  sauted a little onion and some bacon bits to give added flavour. I did add spinach and tarragon like the recipe but I used almond milk instead of cream and I also added tomatoes to the top. I had a block of aged smoky cheddar I'd been saving and decided its' time had come and it did add wonderful flavour.  I backed out of using all butter for the crust..thank you all who advised to be careful with full butter for I used half butter and half Crisco. It made a tasty but slightly crumbly crust. 
We both enjoyed it very much which made me wonder why I rarely make quiche, such an easy meal really. 

So here is my Rainbow Neighbourhood Turquoise Chipper House blowing in the breeze. First I tried to position it to show new leaf growth.

Then against the beautiful fir trees so dark and green.
Outside photo shoots are not easy to pull off even in alight breeze.  And I also
 had a hard time figuring out how to include the whole chipmunk in a block-his tail is so long; just gave up on it in the end and went with this arrangement. I hope you think it looks okay.

Lesson for this one is not just measure twice, measure three or four times, then cut!
Coming up, I'll have to layer the Tulip Bouquet Table Topper- free pattern from Cotton and Joy I stitched last week. Also photographed outside in dappled sunshine.
Found for the backing- a pretty  flowery fabric and will bring it forward to create the binding also.
Still with stitching- the EPP Pluses are almost all stitched together and I hope to finish that part of the quilt this week. I'm keeping it lap size. I realized there is not a scrap of purple/lavender fabric to be seen in it. Which got me thinking....

I only linked with Angela's So Scrappy monthly party once during April...the colour was purple and I think I'm not crazy about that colour. But when I sewed the purple house, I realized it included a particular shade of purple, kind of soft that I actually liked very much. 
Made me rethink my feelings about using more purple in my projects.

 But I'm not going to be purchasing any more fabric in the meantime. I've been housecleaning nooks and crannies. We have too much stuff- why do I always feel like that! Even in the sewing room, things tend to pile up...partly because I don't have proper space to keep things tidy. However,I really should make a pledge to only purchase fabric for a specific project from here on in. What about you? At that stage too?

A couple of free patterns I loved...

At Nautikra, sailor Mallory shares not only her love of crocheting squares, but a bank of free crochet patterns. All lovely. And at that link you'll find detailed instructions to crochet the Hygge Burst Granny Square pattern shown here. 

And World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20th this year. In honour of the special event and to emphasize the importance of bees, the creative folks at DMC introduced this new free pattern to embroider, a real beauty. 
I have finished stitching another Snow Days block and I really don't feel like stitching more snowy scenes right now. Don't want to hear the word s-n-o-w.
I'm sharing this photo of puppy Neddy in spring daffodils two years ago...those same daffodils are open today. Hard to believe he was so tiny! What a wonder growth is!
Hope your week will also be filled with things of wonder!

Thursday, 4 May 2023

Free Patterns, Tulip Bouquet Quilt, Coronation Quiche, Books

 Ned and I encounter a rabbit just about every morning on our walk. So much so he is starting to get complacent about them. However, I took this photo through a window and it is not often I see a rabbit close to the house. All the rain is turning the grass green quickly.

I finished reading an ebook of Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishigura, his first novel since being awarded The Nobel Prize for Literature.

 I really enjoyed the first half of the book as I got to know clever Klara and how she was reacting to her human family. However, I lost my way with the second half because I found the storyline got a little boring and I'm happy to admit that was just me. Loads of folks absolutely loved this book.  AI is coming faster than we realize and will pose ever more dilemmas for humans. As if we don't have enough to deal with already these complicated days.

 I am now reading the wonderful Olive Kitteridge author, Elizabeth Strout...this one of hers is Lucy by the Sea. So far, I am enjoying it very much. 

Ahh, my dilemma- sort of. 
“She didn't like to be alone. Even more, she didn't like being with people.”

― Elizabeth Strout, Olive Kitteridge

LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color's prompt this week has to do with our singing skills. I sang in church choirs and even sang as part of a trio a number of times when in a junior church choir.  I sang well enough to pass the audition for my university glee club (remember those?) and I always loved singing in groups. I also enjoyed singing in the car- by myself. :D Sadly for me, I developed a nodule on a vocal chord from my talkative teaching career and the tune I carry now is a scratchy one.  How about you? 

I found a free pattern that I had to make- in a true Squirrel moment. It's Tulips Bouquet from very talented Fran at Cotton and Joy

Older daughter asked for a table topper for a sweet little table she has in her den. So I started and have cut out the pieces. She likes the blue and peachy pink too. 

My turquoise Chipper House for the Rainbow Neighbourhood is almost finished. I'm pretty pleased with myself that I'm keeping up with the timeframe. I have never spent so many hours in the sewing room just on the machine. 

Some sites to check out
At the site, Christa Quilts, there are many free patterns. This is one and is called Puzzle Box. It would make an interesting table runner too.
I saw this gorgeous quilt on Instagram and was so taken with it. I had to track it down and it turns out to be a free pattern from Art Gallery Fabrics made with their new Flower Bloom fabrics. Link is Here

It looks like Marit in Norway gave up on her blog in 2018 but her lovely quilts remain for us to ogle and enjoy. I'd mentioned 50 shades of green in my last post and was amused to see Marit had sewed a beautiful quilt with that very name. Quilt-It Blogspot
The pattern is called Chic Country and is found for sale at Sew Kind of Wonderful. Marit sewed hers for the 2017 Pantone Greenery Challenge. 

I am looking forward to watching The Coronation and plan to make this recipe as a little celebration- The Coronation Quiche.  Recipe Here at BBC Good Food. I'm going to use butter in the crust rather than my usual Crisco. I'll let you know how that goes.
I've rambled enough for this Thursday post. Hope everyone has a good weekend. 
So good to link up with Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.