Tuesday, 25 November 2014

More Embroidered Ornaments...Made By Hands

"Tools were made, and born were hands,

    Every farmer understands."


Unlike Nora Ephron, I don't have any problem with my neck.  Maybe because unless I'm looking in a mirror, I can't see it and out of sight, out of mind with me.  No for me I'm more upset about the skin on the backs of my hands.  Unlike my neck, my hands are front and center all the time, can't miss seeing the skin and boy, in certain lights, does it look old.  Yikes.  There's not enough cream in all the world to turn this crepey, rather mottled looking skin around.
It doesn't help that I'm constantly plunging my hands into water having to wash so much with the dogs and digging in the dirt here.  I don't like wearing lotion especially since I stitch every day and I can't chance getting grease on the material. Remembering to lotion them at night is hit and miss.   Contrary me just can't get used to wearing rubber gloves either.
I have a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn't matter that much whatever I do...these are the hands and skin I was born with. And they're not attached to exactly a spring chicken anymore. So be it.
Now I feel a little guilty even mentioning this; after all I still have two functioning hands which I am thankful for.  So pretend I never said anything about the old looking skin on them.

Lately these hands stitched this

and this

 and a trio of houses

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