Friday, 21 November 2014

More Lynette Anderson

I've told you about a project designed by Lynette Anderson that I completed a few years ago.  Lynette is a very busy stitcher and designer and she has published a number of books.  These offer more of her lovely drawings to suit all kinds of different occasions.  This is one of her books that I found one day at the library. Again Lynette has offered her own charming version of typical Christmas items.


This one, Stitch It For Christmas is 48 pages long and includes many sweet designs for the occasion.  I really like her Santa and Christmas tree drawings, in particular.  Of course these can be worked into any number of projects of your own choosing...hangings, pictures, ornaments, quilts, table runners and so on.
Lynette also has a wonderful web site and blog.  I visit it regularly to see her latest offerings and also to hear about her travel and teaching. She is a busy lady!  Her kits and designs are for sale but she also offers a free pattern gallery that she adds to regularly.  These are definitely worth checking out.
Here is a link for you to follow.

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