Saturday, 15 November 2014

My Version of Cornish Pasties

I promised Hubby a special English treat, something I would make in the kitchen just for him.  He loves his stomach as some say in Newfoundland about the good eaters.  So he naturally perked up when I told him this.  Here's a photo and I can't say that it is overly flattering to them; photographing food is a real art I've discovered.

They are Cornish pasties, or at least Jocelyn's version.  I understand that it's a matter of pride in the various parts of England as to who has the best pasties and competition between towns can become fierce.  They all claim to have a secret ingredient that makes theirs unique and therefore, better.
Search the internet and you will find endless recipes for fillings for these pastry pouches.  I saw many claiming to be the original Cornish recipe and in the end I just made sort of my own but with the standard ingredients. I used my own (and Crisco's) recipe for the pastry and cut around a bowl to get as many large circles as I could; in this case, I made seven.  Here's my recipe:

Cornish Pastie Filling

Chop the following into cubes:

2 large potatoes
1 large carrot
1/2 a turnip
1 onion
I decided to put the carrot and turnip into a saucepan and give them a boil for about ten minutes before adding the potato.  I didn't trust that the vegetables would cook fully inside the pastry so I wanted them slightly parboiled beforehand.  
For the meat I used a steak that I cut into cubes as well.  This was mixed with the drained vegetables and sprinkled with some salt and pepper.  At this point the mixture seemed very dry to me so I added about a 1/4 cup of beef broth mixed with a little melted butter.  This mixture was then divided  among the 7 circles I had made from the pastry recipe.  I found getting the filling to stay put in their circles was not easy.  My problem though was that I was overfilling them.  
Anyway, I managed to roll the edges of each pouch, pricked them with a fork and brushed them with a little beaten egg.
I baked them for 40 minutes at 375 degrees.

With his broccoli- spinach salad and especially the Guinness, Hubby thought it a great meal.