Thursday, 6 November 2014

Where the Men Are

Here is Rex helping Hubby read the instructions to the brand new leaf blower.  It seems like quite a super sized apparatus well researched and newly purchased at Princess Auto.  For those who may not know, Princess Auto is a store specializing in tools, automotive supplies, farm and garden equipment, camping gear, and all sorts of other manly odds and ends.  It may be sexist to say, but it is a man's idea of paradise to shop there.
 I know Hubby just loves it when we have an excuse to go there.  Last visit we spent an hour or so wandering around, Hubby in serious pursuit of things he had on his list.  For myself, I was looking for a new ash shovel to use in the wood stove and a brush to use when shampooing the dogs.  There were dozens of brushes to choose from and I found a nice one simply labelled wash brush.  Loads and all sizes of shovels, but neither one that quite fitted the purpose I wanted it for.
 I spent a long time in the trapping aisle and that is where I found the mouse trap I've shown you a few times now.  I was happy to see how many traps were of the humane type with a catch and release mechanism; you can trap most things it seems...badgers, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, beaver with the intention of letting them go.  It was a very large aisle. The rat traps always make me shudder, though.
I was only one of three women shopping at the time amid many, many men.  In fact, it occurred to me that it would be a great spot to meet men, if you were 'in the market'.  Several men spoke to me; one asking was I doing my Christmas shopping, with a ha ha to his friends. One man struck up a conversation in the electronic aisle and we had a pleasant conversation about trying to stay current with all the new-fangled internet gadgets.
  I thought to myself that never mind going to the supermarket to meet men, head to the nearest Princess Auto instead.  It seems most men end up there at some time or other and are in very good moods while there.