Sunday, 16 November 2014

Snow, Skunks and Smelly Dogs

Sloppy snow, that's what I call the awful wet stuff that has been falling lately.  It is some kind of hybrid between rain and snow but doesn't fall with the fierceness of sleet, which come to think of it is icier.  We tend to get a little obsessive about winter weather here in Canada.  Having to drive in all manner of wintry road conditions is part of the reason. From the time of the first real snowfall till next April when we will be done with it, there will be numerous daily accidents told to us by the radio announcers.  Most of these are fender benders, thankfully.
 We were chatting with a young woman from Thailand the other day who told us she couldn't wait to get to Canada and see snow; now of course, after a number of winters and having to contend with the large amounts of it we get here in Ottawa, the novelty has definitely worn off.
I am not walking to the upper end of our trail these days.  Deer hunting season and we have heard occasional shots from that area.  We've been told that a neighbour has sighted three bears around there as well; I guess they are doing their final foraging before finding a spot to hibernate.  I wonder will one of them come to my den, the one I wrote about in a blog last spring, the one that is within sight of  Hubby's den?! 
Friday night and the dogs went out for their last go-round before bed.  I hear a terrific shout from Hubby; the dogs have been skunked.  This happens once or twice a year so we now have a skunk shampooing routine which we perform in the garage.  I've been using a mixture of baking soda, vinegar and blue Dawn which we find more effective than tomato juice or any dog shampoo for ridding them of the smell.  I can't describe that smell but, believe me, it is awful.  Murphy usually gets the most of the spray because being the bolder of the two, she leads the way.  An hour later and they are cleaned and dried and we are finally ready to turn in.
 Murphy's coat is very glossy and smooth, none the worst for wear after all, and the smell is finally disappearing in the garage...till the next time.