Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Gift I Can Never Give

"I would gladly go for you if I could; it could be my gift to you."
 I was telling that to a friend of mine who hates going to the dentist and I said this to my dentist one day; he found it very funny and said he had never heard that one before.
 But really, seriously, wouldn't that be a great gift for someone.  I know I've often thought of that when my mother has to have some awful test or other, I wish I could do it instead of her.  Not because she isn't brave because she really is, but it would make her life just a tiny bit better.
I have never had a toothache in my life and I don't mind going to the dentist at all, never did, but especially not these days.  Everything about it has been improved.  It is one of the few things that I think is newer and better.  They deaden your gums so quickly, in a matter of minutes they are able to begin whatever work they do.  No more waiting around for your mouth to sufficiently deaden and getting more nervous by the minute. This anesthetic also wears off so much faster than the old stuff; your mouth is back to normal in no time.  And even the material used for fillings sets up so much faster and you can bite on it almost right away.  The old days you couldn't eat solids for hours.
One thing I notice has not changed.  That is the certain whine that one of the drills makes; it is exactly the same awful sound...perhaps they should work on improving that.  
 But more efforts to increase your comfort are being attempted...there is no laughing gas  at my dentist's but there is a t.v. positioned above the chair so you can watch CNN if you want. You are also offered headphones to listen to music or radio if that would make it all more pleasant.  
The work I need doing now is replacing old fillings, never any new cavities.  Some of these fillings 'owe me nothing' as they say; they are so old dating back decades.  All the silver in my mouth has now been replaced with the more natural looking white, which no one sees at all.  My dentist joked that I have lost a pound or two.
Now if only that were true.