Saturday, 22 November 2014

Yarn Harlot's Scarf and Rock Recipes Homemade Raisin Buns

One row handspun scarf pattern from Yarn Harlot

November, nearly the middle of the month already, and the sky is showing at least nine shades of gray today.  We had what I would call sloppy snow earlier and the sight of it sent me to my kitchen.  What is it about snow and cold that makes me want food...the kind my mother makes.  I made a batch of raisin buns and I ate one right out of the oven barely waiting for my tea to cool down enough to drink.  I got the recipe from a great site run by a fellow who cooks and bakes in his own kitchen in St.John's, Newfoundland.  His photos of the food are beautiful and the recipes run the gamut from simple to somewhat elaborate. The National Post in Toronto calls his site one of the best food blogs in Canada.  Check it out if you like food sites; I don't think you will be disappointed.  Here is the link: 

On my knitting needles right now is a scarf started shown above; though I love to knit, I am quite basic.  In my defense, I am hampered somewhat by needing directions I can follow while watching t.v. I searched and found this wonderful pattern from Yarn Harlot on Ravelry that is only one line...can't get much easier than that...

Cast on 26 stitches
 K2, K1 into back of next stitch, P1,repeat to the end of row and K2.

That's it!!  I know it's a cliché to say if I can do you can do it, but in this case it is really true.
 By the way, "yarn harlot",  the person behind this rather  saucy name ( :) ) is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and I love her site and blog.  She has a captivating way of phrasing things and has published many books on and about her knitting life.  You can check her out here:-

I will share what I am embroidering with you soon.  Promise.

This post is an updated version of my very first post on this blog.  It is now my one year anniversary!

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