Monday, 24 November 2014

A Little Spring in our Winter

Hubby, yesterday, walking the dogs to the mailbox to get the paper. White-bearded, tall and slim, he reminds me for all the world of  a Father Christmas in this photograph.  A reference he may not  appreciate since Father Christmas is rather ancient I assume. 
 Rex is trusted to run free but Murphy is leashed.  She's the one who loves to follow her nose and would travel several counties to get at whatever scent she is picking up.  Just can't take the chance on losing her which is a shame to have to contain her natural exuberance like this.

But that is not the point of all this.  Here is my scene out the same window today...

It seems like winter has taken a giant step backwards.  We were firmly into the freezing temperatures and a good covering of snow until today when it has disappeared just as quickly as it arrived.  It is 10 degrees C outside, feeling positively balmy after the minuses of the last several weeks.
I just came inside from a walk around the garden.  It was strange to get another look at all the plants when I'd assumed it would be next spring before I would see them all again.  It all looked surprisingly green. 

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