Monday, 3 November 2014

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Coffee Go Down

Coffee is not worth drinking without all the trimmings, some fellow in a novel once said, as he liberally lashed his cup of coffee with sugar and cream.  I think of this comment now that I am trying to wean myself off sugar in my coffee and finding it hard to do.  I gave up milk in tea and coffee many decades ago, but still hang on to the bit of sugar.  I've been pretty good, down to less than a teaspoon but I'd love to give it up altogether.  I have tried Splenda and liked it but I have been going more naturally lately.  Coconut sugar was one; couldn't even taste that in the coffee.  Truvia was another; I was a little put off by the slightly 'too sweet' taste.  I am now using Stevia and finding the same thing...just a little too much saccharine flavouring for me.  Maybe as Dr. Oz suggests, I should just go back to real sugar and keep at the weaning process.  I do love a cup of coffee in the morning    ( tea for the rest of the day) but maybe it is time for me to rethink that. 

And here are a few of my little felt houses in the beginning stages.  These are so much fun to work out.  I have since added embroidered flowers and a word or two.  Progress!