Saturday, 29 November 2014

Lighting the Darkness With Old Fashioned Lamps

The other night just as we settled in for our evening's t.v. viewing, the power went out.  Complete blackness without a warning; so there we were feeling our way to the kitchen and the cupboard for a flashlight.  Our oil lamps had to be pressed into service again and we were very thankful for them.  Since there are no houses or electric lights in sight of us, we had to phone the nearest farmhouse to confirm that the blackout was not just on our property.  High winds was the cause apparently and no one knew how long it would last.
 Looking out the windows was really odd; the blackness was so complete, not a single shadow to help discern anything of the garage or trees or sky.  It was eerie and made me feel vulnerable.  
We decided to turn in, each of us with a lamp on our night tables and really you could manage to read well enough so it wasn't exactly suffering.
 However, both of us felt uneasy wondering how long before the power would be back on; ever since we lost it for four days several years ago we've been wary of the same thing happening again.  This time we were lucky; it was off for just a couple of hours so no other measures had to be taken.  Such relief.
 The next morning we found out that many parts of the city were still without their power so we really were lucky. 

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