Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Am I Catching the Same Mouse?

Am I catching the same mouse (or mice) over and over?
Here is the new mouse trap we bought at Princess Auto in action.  It is a humane one that operates on a catch and release system.   It has proven to be very successful with catching a mouse just about every night.  Here is one little guy...

He was not anxious at all and just kept looking at me.  He'd eaten a good meal of peanut butter so I knew I was sending him off with a full belly.  I set him free down at the shed in the wood pile and he took his own time before running off.

This morning two little creatures looked at me when I pulled the trap from deep in the cupboard under the sink.  One was seemingly unafraid while the other little fellow stayed backed up in the corner.  When I opened the lid to let them loose, the timid one took a while to leave but eventually scampered off into the same gap in the wood chunks as his friend.
I am loving this trap and wish I'd had it for my other winters here. No messy setting of springs and no sad little corpses in the mornings.
My count is now up to four and they have all looked identical (and not like the white with brown mice of last winter).  It really does make me wonder if I am trapping the same little critters over and over.