Friday, 28 November 2014

Out My Window and Black Friday

I love to see the woodpeckers.  I never saw them growing up so the novelty never fades for me.  I'm not sure it is a good thing that this fellow is visiting our feeder. He seems to have to contort his body unnaturally to position himself for a few seeds.  But he is willing and he returns whenever I refill the feeder.  I think he is pecking his seed into the tree.  He repeated the tooing and froing from feeder to tree for about ten minutes. 
The chickadees give him a wide berth and hang back when he is around.  Like they say, size counts in nature.
Heading towards December and Christmas...we had to get the American Thanksgiving out of the way first.  Black Friday has infiltrated our shopping habits here in Canada as well.  Many people I know are checking out the deals online.  I hope none of you hurt yourself in the rush at the malls to get a good bargain. 
 I am in the market for a new cell phone; mine is useless for this new fangled texting so I guess it is time I gave in and joined the masses. Perhaps I should check it out. 

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