Monday, 12 October 2020

Missing These Birds, Golden October, Halloween Quilting, Thanksgiving Free Pattern

Right now I am missing these little birds. I'm missing their song and the way they fly through the air snatching flying insects and return to the same spot to perch like on my lamp light.   In fact, sat there enough that a cleaning of the lights is now in order.   Eastern Phoebes have nested here every year using the various sheds and building distinctive nests with mud and moss.                             I'm also missing the hummingbirds. Though silent, they were a constant fixture this summer flitting about the two feeders.  

  I have to take in their feeders and clean them up for next spring.

 The Golden Maple tree beside the house is in glorious bloom. Every year it astonishes us with the beautiful colours of its leaves. 
 At an auction I won a quilting frame and have put my Halloween sampler quilt on it. I've never used such before so this will be interesting.  Wish me luck! 
We had warm temperatures on Saturday and I couldn't resist taking it outside for a little photo shoot with the maple tree. I do have four maple leaves in this particular piece. Love to see the rays of sunshine on this.
I tried to show just how tall this tree is.  Nope, still didn't get the very top of it in.
I have the special marking pen and I've looked up lots of ideas about laying stitching lines on these varied  appliqued, embroidered and patchworked blocks. I've thought of using a spider web design over it all, maybe in a pale gray coloured thread. What do you think? 

Since we Canadians have our Thanksgiving Day on the second Monday in October, here is a sweet little free pattern I found with the perfect message. It is from
Creative Kismet which features the art work of the generous Regina Lord. Too late for me to stitch but in lots of time for my American buddies and their November Thanksgiving.

A couple of things I must do this week:

I have to set up the two humane mouse traps in the garage to help keep them out of our vehicles. They worked last year, I think, because no mouse set up a house in our cars last winter.

Finish the Flower Garden quilt border. Almost there!

Happy Thanksgiving to fellow Canadians; hope you are enjoying the long weekend and staying safe. I cooked a ham and wished that I'd planned on turkey. Oh well, it was a tasty dinner with sweet potatoes and broccoli, homemade cranberry sauce and dessert from daughter. 

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I have already purchased a large 3 pound Turkey Breast for us for our holiday next month in case something comes up and I shouldn't be running to the stores shopping. I love your trees - I think the ones that turn orange/red are my favorites. I like a quilting frame that can tilt a little bit I'm not sure if I would like that kind with the plastic snap pieces - I hope you do though - let us know how you like it I have heard of several that do - I'm just so used to mine it would be hard to use another.

Deb A said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! What a glorious maple tree you have to view. I have one of the plastic ones like that... it will be interesting to see if you like it or not. Happy stitching.

Brian said...

Those little birdies are so cute. That quilting frame looks nice, sort of like a tall hammick for us kitties! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Jenny said...

Lovely Autumn photos. Your idea for the Halloween quilting sounds great, looking forward to seeing this progress.
And before I forget once again, are those pumpkins on your header photo in your yard? Or just an interesting snap you took somewhere else? Its such a great photo.

Yvonne said...

Happy Thanksgiving, I guess you are a month earlier than the US? I have no idea we don't have Thanksgiving in the Netherlands. Your Maple tree looks amazing.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

piecefulwendy said...

What a pretty little quilt and a lovely spot to work on it. I think a spider web design would be fun! Mice in cars are not fun. I had one get into an engine of one of our cars - not a happy ending, for the mouse or my car! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

PaintedThread said...

I miss our hummingbirds, too. They were all around, then suddenly packed up and disappeared. Beautiful trees. And neat quilting frame!

Snickelfritz said...

Happy Thanksgiving from the states. What is the basis for this holiday in Canada? Here in the states it is the coming together of the pilgrims and Indians for a huge feast on a long ago day in the 1600's to give Thanks for their crops. Love your glorious maple tree.

Nancy said...

Those little phoebes are the cutest birds. I'm not knowledgeable about birds, and never remember their calls, so don't know if we have them around here. I'll have to look up a video of their call so I can tell.
We're beginning to have beautiful autumn colors here, too. Last year the colors didn't come till the middle of November and then for a week, so I'm thoroughly enjoying this on-time change of colors.
I hope you enjoy your new quilting frame. I use a round wooden one and love it. But I think it all depends on what we get used to. That's a sweet autumn/Halloween quilt.
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Lynn said...

Wow, those bird and tree photos, just stunning! Great quilting frame too. Happy thanksgiving to you.

Linda said...

I really enjoy your header photos and am especially enjoying the ones for fall. I'll be interested to see what you think about the frame. I have one that I use on occasion.
Happy Thanksgiving! My Mom used to make both ham AND turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas, just to make sure everyone was pleased - lol!

Jenn Jilks said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
It's sad when the birds go, isn't it.
Well I enjoy winter, as well.
You have marvellous projects!

grammajudyb said...

Happy Thanksgiving just a tad late! Your Golden Maple tree IS glorious! Our plan is to be with our son for both of our holidays! That will be different for me. I will help cook, of course.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your trees are beautiful there, Jocelyn, and love your bird photos as well! I hope you like the new quilting frame, and enjoy stitching on that fun quilt. I always enjoy seasonal stitching! Happy Thanksgiving!

gladiquilts said...

Long time reader, first time commenter: I thought it was about time I let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Your photography of wildlife, nature, etc. is beautiful, your quilts are wonderful, and your food/cooking info and photos are inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! (