Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Fitness To Do, My Haircut, Free Patterns, Loving Morris Baby Blocks

 This week in the fitness department I'm working on my posture. I got a bosom early and always rounded my shoulders to hide it. Add to that a lifetime of being bent over books, schoolchildren and stitching and I've got quite a slump going on. Sometimes I'll spy a lady with a dowager's hump and I'll panic. So what am I doing to try to prevent that?

I've raised my laptop and ipad to eyelevel propping those up on cushions.

I've been doing these exercises to prevent forward head syndrome.

I've been consciously reminding myself to straighten up; this I purposely do especially during our walks and while at the sewing machine. 

I see those ads for devices you wear that straighten your back and I've wondered about them. Anyone try one that works?

Yes, I cut my hair last week which was on my to-do list. I used mostly the clippers except on the bang. It's pretty short but that's okay; though thinning it is still growing. I'm wearing one of my favourite scarves; it's Balinese and silk. Daughter bought it at one of those international trade shows for me. It's soft, surprisingly warm and even has fun little tassels. Autumn is really the start of my scarf seasons-yes, I wear scarves a lot. I look like Mom in this photo. 😊


A couple of sites you might like to check out this week.
I found this website that I think some of my arty blogging friends should check out...  Make Art That Sells.  I thought it interesting as I used to dream about illustrating a children's book. 

And wool folks, this is a link that rounds up free one skein/ball knitting and crocheting patterns...which means quick projects... Noble Knits. I thought this cute...the Little Rustic Pumpkin Baby Hat; that pattern is Here.

My brain is swirling with ideas for what next to make of a quilty sort. But I have to get a couple of  projects out of my lap so I'm holding myself off just yet.

 In particular though, I have a small collection of Morris fabrics that I have put together over these late years. 

2 Things that stopped me from cutting into it-

Are my skills up to it?

What exactly to make?

 Recently this block below was featured on a Morris Hexathon and it caught my eye. Baby's block or tumbling block is what I've seen it called; you might know another name for this vintage style pattern. It is a block that depends on correctly positioning light, medium and dark fabrics and that is something the Morris fabrics are known for. A block I think I can handle. These are from Barbara Brackman's Material Culture site.

While talking about Morris, I thought I'd share this news. Just about my oldest blogging buddy is Michele Hill of William Morris in Quilting. Way back in my first year of blogging, she caught sight of a post where I mention I own two of her books and also have a love of anything Morris. She contacted me with a thankyou and added me to her blog reading list. I did likewise with her and we began a correspondence where I would comment on her posts and she would email me back with her news.

   In September, Michelle went public with the news she has stage 2 breast cancer and is now having chemo treatments. I was very sad to hear of it. But I'm heartened to read she is being her usual upbeat, chipper self and is surrounded by loving family and extraordinary friends. These also include her international buddies who, like me, Michele befriended in many different ways over the years.  I hope this doesn't sound too silly- every day I've been choosing a tree on my land, usually a mother tree, placing my hand on it and thinking of Michele and sending her all the healing thoughts my old brain can muster. 

Perhaps you too could send Michele some healing thoughts this week. Michele, btw, has often told me to cut that fabric. I know many of you have made Micheles' lovely applique patterns...I'm thinking of Karen at Quilt...Etc who has stitched a spectacular Morning Glory medallion to be seen HERE.

Have a good week all!

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grammajudyb said...

I'm so impressed you cut your own hair. My pandemic hair is a mess. I am undecided as to "what to do" Oh well, that's not important. I will certainly keep Michelle in my thoughts. I like your idea of touching a tree and sending out healing thoughts! It's powerful!

Nana said...

You are very pretty!!!!!


Ruth Hiebert said...

Your haircut looks amazing.

PaintedThread said...

Since I was laid off I have spent WAY too much time on the laptop sitting on the couch. I had much better posture at my desk. I need to work again just to fix my posture! lol. Your haircut looks great. Healing thoughts are ALWAYS a good thing. I'll send some along, too.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Oh, posture - such a good reminder, Jocelyn! I have that shoulder slump, too, and I'm sure all this blog reading I do doesn't help. Positive thoughts for your friend. I have a dear local friend who has spent much of this year battling breast cancer - and it does sound like a battle. My hope is always for a cure!

Nancy said...

Your haircut looks great and I love the scarf. I'm not surprised that the silk is warm. I think it might be warmer than wool, though I know some people say it is cool in the summer. Not my experience, though. I think I need to buy a few scarves to wear this winter. My neck is usually cold!
I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Michelle.
I also wanted to congratulate you on your great thrift store finds in your last post. I don't find much worthwhile at our local thrift stores these days, and I though people were cleaning out their closets during these covid times. ;-)

Linda said...

I love your haircut, very flattering, and your posture looks good in the photo! I think placing your hand on a tree to send healing thoughts to Michelle is very effective.
I just read your previous post and love your thrift finds! Now you have me interested in Old Foley dishes - gee thanks. ;)

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Not only do I not think that placing your hand on a tree to focus on Michèle is silly, I consider it an admirable, touching and highly appropriate tribute. If a robust, living tree does not connect us with essential life forces, then what does? Bravo, would be my comment. And to Michèle, good luck dealing with this terrible ordeal. Life is not always kind.

Deb A said...

What a pretty lady you are! Love the way you are sending some healing thoughts. Pretty projects you have on the radar.

Libby in TN said...

You and my mother are the only ones I know who mention the dowager's hump! I live in fear of developing it, as well. I slump way to much at the computer. Not sure what kind of brace you are thinking of but I have a lower back brace that does make me sit up straighter and I've often thought I should wear it at the computer.

doe853 said...

I bought this for my husband as he was having trouble with his neck due to looking down at his book or iPad. This works wonderfully, he loves it. Maybe it would help! Dale in Vermont


QuiltGranma said...

Love your haircut, you look fabulous with a beautiful smile!

Caro G said...

Thank you for the link to Noble Knits. New to your blog. Would love to know if you sell your quilts. Love your work, talent, photos and beautiful smile.