Tuesday 23 April 2024

Free Patterns, Surprising Beauty Product, Tiny 9 Patches, Peanut Butter Balls

Tony's breakfast...Beth's homemade bread, one slice with peanut butter and the other with marmalade. 

He gets a subscription to Down Home, a Newfoundland magazine, every year for his birthday. He enjoys reading it and doing the puzzle pages. I like to check the recipes. Here's one recently that brought back memories...a very popular sweet back home, Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls. Simple ingredients. Would these be popular where you are??
My Sunday slow stitching was finishing these EPP tiny 3 inch 9 patch blocks. I'd put aside a few yellowish scraps when I was sorting to use for these. I included the ruler this time so you could see the scale which is impossible to gauge in photos. A truly addictive scrappy project.

In my last post I made a promise to share a couple of things....

#1 The first is a common item that folks are using on their skin in general and recently their faces! and claiming good results. Back in the day there was a bottle of this in everyone's home as it was a remedy for a common problem. The item is Castor Oil and I'm sure you older folks would definitely know of its use. I've done some reading and yes, it apparently is packed full of good things. The woman who caught my attention with this-below- used it on her knee replacement scar and it definitely improved the skin texture and overall look. She decided to use it on her face and after several months is very happy with how it seems to be plumping her skin. Even though castor oil is an ingredient in many beauty products- I did not know that!, there is very little science to back it up its claims. There needs to be more testing for sure. Here at WebMB you can read more about it. And here is the fun lady who got me thinking about it. She also shares lots of other interesting things.

And #2 is  two free lovely quilt patterns for you...

The first is from Jera at Quilting in the Rain. A gorgeous Cosy Cabins and Trees design. This is  versatile and can be made for Christmas or any season depending on the fabric choice. Jera also offers different variations to change it up. While there, take a good look around as Jera generously offers free patterns with each of her pretty fabric lines.

And the second called Tiny Beasts is from the folks at Quilting Mayhem. Bear Claw in rainbow colours. How sweet is this. I love it and wonder if I have the sewing skills to make it.
This week I'm hoping to get out shoe shopping. I need a new pair of sneakers/running shoes and I have to try them on so can't order online. Speaking of shoes...did you see this photo of Queen Letizia of Spain sitting instead of standing for the official greeting line with their Netherland guests.  Apparently she has done damage to her feet with wearing high heels so much. Podiatrists must shudder when they see the height of the heels being worn these days. 

Are you still awake?  I've rambled on enough for todays' post. Hope you are taking care of your feet and all the other bodily bits and bobs! And Happy Stitching too!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I can never understand how women can wear the stilt high heel shoes that they do - anything over 2 inches is not safe to me and will damage your feet. Some wear 4 inch or higher shoes - the pressure that puts on your toes and ball of the feet is ridiculous. I think the women that set the standards should lower them and the people that watch fashion would lower theirs as well.
The cookie/candy that you show I have seen and tasted they are good I have never made them though.
I have tried olive oil on my face but not castor oil but have seen that listed on the bottles.

Jeanna said...

The magazine sounds interesting. I make something similar to the peanut butter balls but we call them buckeyes. Thanks for sharing the links to the quilt patterns. My grandmother used to give us castor oil for EVERY ailment we had. I think I'll have to pass on putting it on my face LOL.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

'Down Home' sounds interesting - I wonder if it would replace my beloved 'Our Canada' magazine. As for the Peanut Butter balls - Resident Chef often makes something quite similar (actually I think there are some in our freezer right now).
I love that Bear Claw pattern too - the colours are beautiful! Not in my wheelhouse to attempt to make though.
Must be something in the air because I just this week ordered a new pair of runners and fingers crossed they will fit okay. My last ones are over ten years old so I guess it's probably past time.

Nancy J said...

Down here Skechers or All birds are great favourites, all our family have one or the other, apart from daughters' winter boots or good what I would call " Going out shoes". And they both say they always have non slip soles on every one. My Mum had very small feet, the old 2.5 size, and in our small country town there was one shoe shop. When a pair of Selby, imported from the UK, came in, in her size, the owner would phone and tell her they had a pair in that would fit, and I am guessing she had to buy them then, as it might be another year before any others came. That recipe looks delicious. Tony, I bet they were rationed out at ONE per day !!!

Nancy said...

In Ohio, the Buckeye State, we make Buckeyes which are similar to your peanut butter balls. Our recipe differs in that we use only three ingredients for the centers: creamy peanut butter, butter, and powdered sugar, and semi-sweet chocolate chips for the outer coating. It is a big production to make them because we usually use a pound of butter, about 12 times what your recipes calls for. They are autumn to winter favorites.
I like your sweet 9-patch blocks.

Linda said...

Tony's breakfast looks delicious - homemade bread, yum! That peanut butter ball recipe is tempting.
I am amazed about the castor oil. My only experience with it is having to actually drink it (with an orange juice chaser) before the birth of my first child. Back in 1970, that was recommended for "cleansing" the system before giving birth - ewwww. I am going to give it a try on my skin surgery scar!
I am amazed at what women wear as shoes. I used to wear high heels for work and for dress-up, and my foot doctor said they definitely had influence on the severe bunion I had to have surgically fixed a couple years ago. The last time I wore heels (2 inch) was in 2014, and I had to take them off after about 15 minute - lol!

PaintedThread said...

Ooh - those PB balls look interesting. I have a similar recipe with graham crackers, but I bet the rice crispies would add an interesting texture.

Itty bitty 9patches!

I could never balance in a heel - and I was so glad when my company elected casual dress. Sneakers and "clodhoppers" for me along with the occasional boot. I think I own one pair of dress heels.

Carol in Texas said...

Wow, Jocelyn! Who’d have thought…..castor oil! I may give it a try. My poor 85 year old skin needs some help! How did you run across her? I’m stuck on flosstubes!

LA Paylor said...

heels are in the rearview mirror for me. Not good on my back. I need new sneakers and need to try them on but can't go out. I found a new pair in the closet. They turned out to be too shallow in the toe box and my toes need room but they were cushy and supportive so I'm wearing them in the house to see if they compress enough to wear with socks outside.
I'd like to see a pair of birkenstocks peeking out from that ball gown, heh heh

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those peanut butter balls look yummy! (Anything that combines peanut butter and chocolate - I'm in!) I love your tiny 9 patches, too - they're pretty in every color combination. I haven't heard of using castor oil on your skin - are you trying it? That tiny bear paw quilt is a neat pattern! I haven't made a bear paw quilt, but it's on my list. Hope you've had good luck with your shoe shopping, Jocelyn!

Jackie said...

Hmmm, must do some reading on that castor oil. I never knew it was in makeup or other things either.

Very tiny 9 patches going there.

Those sweets would be a very big hit in this house. Don't dare make them.

God bless.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

I've seen those candies called Buckeyes, also, in Amish country. I can taste them in my mind right now. I think that's as close as I better get to them!?! Your tiny 9-patches are adorable! As for high heels, being 5'10" I've never had to wear them. Except that one pair I had as a 21 year old!?! My first and last pair! Must've made me about 6'2"!

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Oh boy, teeny tiny 9-patch blocks! I love these golden fabrics, very pretty.
Thank you for sharing those links, and have fun buying shoes ;)

Michelle said...

PB balls are a favorite around here and usually show up around Christmastime. I also like the looks of that breakfast! Thank you for linking up and have a great week ahead!

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

I stopped wearing heels a long time ago because they hurt my feet. Love those teeny tiny nine patches! So cute. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.