Monday, 25 July 2016

A Couple of Snaps of the New Place

The first bouquet of flowers from the garden at the new house.  Lots of flowers growing around the property, some I haven't a clue as to what they are.

A look at the kitchen some of you were asking to see; this is my fifteenth kitchen since leaving university.  It is very functional and laid out fairly well.  I have had no problem adjusting.  Though ten years old, it does have some nice features like pull out drawers in the tall cabinet.
 I was told there has never been a mouse here.  Unless we brought one with us...eeek

The side view out the living room window.  Not at all like my old view. Oh a little sad there for a moment thinking about the birds.  Do they think at all; do they feel abandoned.
 I know, I know.  Me worrying about birds in light of all the recent human tragedy in the world, which has given me lots of thought too.

 Everything is much more manicured looking here and even the wood trails are cleared of all roots. That's a good thing...much easier for us old folks to walk around without landing on our face.

The indoor plants survived the trip.

There is now a semblance of order to the main room.  Our t.v. set up in the basement is still ringed by boxes and my sewing room (yes, I have a whole room!) is box free but needing organizing.
Two trips back to the old house to pick up things and deep clean have made us tired; that's a good thing in a way because it is hard to feel sad when you are beat.