Friday, 29 July 2016

Summer's Sweet Song

In the blink of an eye we at the height of summer. If I don't watch myself, summer will be over and I won't have really taken the time to give it full notice.
 Many of the little towns around are hosting their annual summer fairs and every weekend you can take in a different one within driving distance. Usually they have livestock on display with the necessary warning "Don't wear sandals or flip flops near the cattle barn." LOL

Here is younger grandson enjoying the Dumbo ride at the Carleton Place Fun Fair a couple of weeks ago.  Does he look like he's enjoying it!

 The strawberry crop was a disappointment this year though because of the bad spring we had.  The apple trees on our old property were heavily loaded with baby apples unlike last season's disastrous event.  I guess that's how it goes in farming, up and down.

To tell you the truth, I am struggling just a little.  Every time I sit down to write, my eye falls on something else that needs sorting. And even though most of the messes are now in the storage bedroom, it still bothers me. I didn't realize I liked things so orderly.

Honestly, I tried to be organized, set up a station in each room for things that stay there or have to be moved, moved all the basement stuff to the back hall nearest the basement steps, etc.  But there is so much to do.  Luckily we moved into a pristine home with no cleaning first so I can just dirty it all up as we go.

The Before in the Sewing Room; hopefully it won't be too long before I can show an after picture.

On the Up Side

The dog situation here is much improved over our former house.  With a walkout basement we can bring them in and out more efficiently than before and keep some of the dirt from the main floor.  They have about the same area, over three acres of fenced yard to roam.  We have been taking them on leads around the trails morning and evening to get them used to this place and so far, they seem to be loving it.  Not as many critters here though to interest them as our eleven acres are bordered by urban areas on most sides.
 The immediate effect is Rex and Murphy are much quieter at night; no roaming skunks or raccoons to catch sight or scent of so no more midnight barking.  Halleluja!

But we have robins! A nest on each end of the front overhanging veranda with babies in both being well fed by the busy moms.  I guess the distance apart is just enough for them to deal with as the mothers fly off in opposite directions each time.

We have gone back to the former house a number of times as I've said.  Freezer needed cleaning out, the Christmas tree and gardening tools are still there, all the floors needed another mop, the grass needed a trim, etc., etc.
I feel a pang every time we drive up that lovely long winding driveway but then we get busy with what has to be done and by the time we leave, we are too tired for sentiment.