Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Monday Moanings on a Tuesday

Apologies to new readers just tuning in and thinking so where is the stitching, the quilting, the crocheting??  She has lost her therapy!

Well it's all here, and gradually emerging from that awful dream of boxes and packing tape and $10 Canadian Tire plastic totes.  One of the longest conversations Hubby and I had during the packing frenzy was about said totes...should we 'invest' in totes rather than boxes; yes was the answer.  That opened a can of worms about which kind of totes and we quickly found out the world is awash in totes galore it seems.  Heavy duty, snap on lids, carrying handles, small, medium, large, jumbo...oh it seemed we almost came apart at the decision making about the darn totes.  But in our defense we'd just come off the decision making about the kind of packing tape to use, equally as confusing.  Note: if you buy cheap tape it will just stick to itself and nothing else and will peel off in tiny, albeit long, but very frustrating narrow strips.
Okay, I promise that is the end of the packing chatter.

This is where I stopped with the Floral Bouquet; pardon the awful photo.  By the time I found the camera and thought of taking a picture, it was dark outside.

As I've shared, Hubby and I had been house hunting and been successful in finding a house we both like.
What a great time I had during the looking as it is a love of mine to view houses. I have little interest in big but I have great interest in features.  I like houses that are a little unique and as several of you have commented, I think I have found one.
But my old fashioned sentimental favourites are older homes with center hall plan, long windows, a wide staircase, eat in kitchens.  There is something about any of the older styles that appeal to me.
Remember the Father of the Bride house?  It was very popular.

How do you feel about formal dining rooms?  I've read they are used an average of just 4 times a year.  A  dining room was not on our list especially since I didn't want one to sub for a sewing room anymore.

I have actually lost a few pounds since the packing began.  I probably would have lost more except for having to feed Hubby.  I have no worries; I have lots of body weight in reserve (lol) but he doesn't so I had to be sure meals were still ready on time no matter how busy.  

 At one point we wondered if moving household is more a young person's game.
 But on the up side, our brains and bodies have gotten a real workout because of the experience.