Monday, 15 August 2016

Tidying This Head of Mine

What is it about the heat that makes me want to get my head tidied up. Humidity plays havoc with this hair of mine, I guess is why.   With that in mind I decided to get a professional cut.  First Choice is a bargain hairdresser chain here so I figured why not give them a try.  Whoever cut my hair couldn't do any worse than the job I do on it myself.  I don't remember if I had a professional trim last year or not; I'm thinking it's been two years now.

Of course, those of you with nice straight  hair won't understand what it is like to have a curly mop that as soon as a bit of humidity appears, every hair flies off in a different direction and decides to frizz up at the same time.  Then hair spray with extra humidity control is my best friend.

 So off I went and what a cut!  The very young woman had my head practically shorn in five minutes.  I think it is the shortest cut I've ever gotten but I like it.  It is an excellent cut and she left just enough on the top for me to fool around with a little bit.

 Here is a picture of me about three weeks after the shearing.  Kind of hard to tell but my wings are gone...those especially frizzy ear flaps I was sporting on each side of my head.

I'm liking this enough that I might keep my hair clipped super short from now on.  The daughters aka my fashion police, are getting used to it; thought it was too brief in the beginning but like the way it is growing out.  And I am getting a little spoiled with how easy this is to take care of.
  More time for stitching, right?