Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Itch to Stitch

The 'itch to stitch' is back and I am so glad it is.
I have been working on my cross stitch project and wanted to continue the appliqued hangings started ages ago before the move.

 I thought I would start off with a little slow stitching to get myself back into my routine.  I still haven't taken my sewing machine out of its box. But soon.

I worked a few embroidered stitches on more of the Quilty 365 blocks.  At my rate, this will not be a 365 block project for me; more like a 100 block project.

And made some decisions about the Tulip appliqued hanging.  So long since I showed you...

I decided to hand stitch around the flowers and stems.  Time consuming but enjoyable.

And quickly realized that with the fusible applique there is fraying of the fabric edges that occurs.  To that end I bought an item called Fray Check to hopefully control the tiny little threads peeking out here and there.  Still learning, as I've stated about myself time and time again.

I also worked out what I'd like to do for the next part, the first border pieces.  A wave of ivy with a few flowers and leaves is what I settled on.  I chose the background fabric, drew out the designs on freezer paper and began the process of EPP them.  No fusing for these.

This has been a nice quiet activity for me.  Just right to get me settled down, relaxed and enjoying the contentment stitching can bring me.

Hope there is something bringing you contentment this weekend.