Sunday, 10 July 2016


Newspaper ink all over my hands even under my nails.
 I've been packing the stemware which sounds a little grand for the wine glasses we use daily but is probably suitable for the selection in the china cabinet that hasn't had an outing in decades.  I wonder does glass break down with just age not use.  So I've been busy.  My old problem of not knowing how to pace myself when a job has to be done.  If it is my job to do, then I want to work at it till it's done.  The result is marathon sessions with boxes, newspapers and horrible packing tape that tears off with the most awful screeching sound. 
Anyway, the good news is the wood house is ours, the movers are booked and we are a bit giddy with the thought of all that has to be done.  But I'm so tired at night I can't form the necessary thoughts to be scared about any of it. 

Last look at my design wall ( plastic tablecloth)...

I was having so much fun with the fusible applique and I look forward to getting back to it. 

Meanwhile, here are my constant companions who are hating the sound of that tearing tape perhaps even more than I am.

This is their perpetual look these days...worried.  They are such creatures of habit, especially these two with our isolation, they must sense change afoot and feel ill at ease.  Poor things; if only you could explain and they could understand.

I've been  too tired to type and our internet will be off while we make the change over.  I'll be thinking about you all and will get back as soon as I can.