Thursday, 9 November 2017

Ahh, The LIttle Things One Loves

My world just lately has included these little and great things.  

 As a Nana, I don't take it for granted for a single minute that I can have a grandchild actually trick or treat at my door.  I'm the one who moved away from friends and family to be near them after all.  So this little Spiderman is special to me.

The temperatures are slowly dipping and we have had two mornings now with frost on the ground. So soup simmering season is here.  This one turned out so well I thought I'd share it.  I had a chicken carcass I used for the basis and the rest of the recipe is here.
 It is Ree's recipe; you might know her as the Pioneer Woman.  We both thought it was delicious and so hearty too.
Pioneer Woman's Easy Mulligatawny Soup

Hubby has a tiny problem with hypoglycemia especially if he overexerts himself (he'll smile at that last bit because he feels so little means overexerting these days.)  Anyway, we have found these particular candy to be useful for those moments.  Ginger Chews, an all natural type low glycemic candy we take on outings and seem to do the trick.  And like the line from the very old Irish Spring soap commercial..."I like them too".

I'm always on the look out for birds and was happy to watch this one in the back yard.  A Hairy Woodpecker- that I spied on for ages as it pecked its way up and down this large tree.  Quite noisily too I might add.

And I've been instigating a midnight lights out policy for myself.  Sometimes I need a little help going to sleep so play music videos very softly such as this one. ( Insomnia continues to be an issue for me despite my efforts. )

                                          Image result for rest and be thankful quote

I am thankful to be able to link with Not Afraid of ColorLittle Things Thursday, and It's A Small Town LIfe as we celebrate taking pleasure in small things.

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