Thursday, 11 January 2018

Jack Frost and Indigo Snowballs

Here is Jack Frost totally coinciding with his presence outdoors these days.

I really like his cheery little face and I've begun the echo quilting around it.  Kathy Schmitz's designs are so cute; I don't think I've seen anything of hers that I haven't loved at first sight.

Does it look like we need more snow???

Yesterday I went mitten shopping...not often have I written that sentence.  I've been getting by with old ones from the house but my poor frozen fingers were crying out for lined ones.
Luckily winter seasonal items haven't been completely replaced with spring items just yet and I nabbed these two pairs, the last of both.  So yah to warmer hands and with another Winter Storm warning posted, I'll be needing them.

I'm waiting on the release of the first block for the Sarah Fielke BOM.  While doing that I was reading the Temecula Quilt Company blog and found This Post about making a scrappy Snowball quilt.  I know that pattern and thought " I can do that".  Two wishes came together making a Snowball Quilt (how fitting for where I live!) and also having always wanted to make a blue/indigo quilt.  Love indigo quilts.

 If I get this near a bed size, it will be my first real quilt! ( I don't count my Farmer's Wife top because I honestly put so much work into those little blocks, I don't think it could ever be used on a bed.)

And how am I going to improve my piecing skills if I keep avoiding it.

So to my little fabric cupboard I went a little concerned if I would have enough dark blues and lights on hand to suit this little venture.  Silly me, there was more than enough of both (I think) to suffice and I can always cut it short or buy more! if need be.

 I then spent a happy couple of hours making the templates and doing some serious marking and cutting and remembering to replace the blade in my rotary cutter.  I like when my brain seems to work.

Because it doesn't always.  Look at this taken last month; such a rookie mistake.  I couldn't believe I did this. Grrr

So wish me luck with this little adventure with just me and my sewing machine.

We did not mail out Christmas cards this year. I gave a donation to Unicef instead.  I would love to see a world where all children are protected and valued for the special little (dependent) humans they are.  Now that's a dream worth chasing.

                                         Image result for children's rights posters unicef

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