Sunday, 14 January 2018

Orange Isn't Just A Colour and Hubby Update

As I write this, the wind is howling around the house, strong enough that it has moved my door wreath right across the door.  We have had wild weather with rain, then a freeze up and a snow storm on top of it all in the space of hours.  The weather network has had a hard time keeping up with all the warnings.  Today's is Extreme Cold Warning.

So it's January in Canada and so cold even Niagara Falls has been freezing in unusual spots.  Photographers and ice climbers are having a field day.

                            Image result for niagara falls 2018 freeze up

Orange isn't just a colour as in the the new black...

I know I comfort myself with food and especially so in winter.  I've always liked heavier food-bread, bananas, potatoes, stews, etc. As well, I've come by my love of food Newfoundland, a hearty appetite was considered the hallmark of good health. I know many of you share the same kind of upbringing with an emphasis on plentiful food and being told to be thankful for it.

(I realize now how much I miss those couple of morning hours I would spend in the garden during the other seasons. Kind of take my mind off food.)

So orange in foods signals beta carotene too.  I grew up being told to eat carrots because they were good for our eyes...did you have that told to you too? I like carrots and especially carrot soup and carrot cake. And winter is definitely the season when we need to boost our immune systems here in Canada so if beta carotene will help that along, all the better.
 Personally I wish carrots would taste as good as I remember them; I would eat one raw when I was a kid but it's rare to get carrots that good tasting these days.

Anyway, nothing makes me happier than seeing this in the kitchen.  A winter Vegetable stew with peppers, carrots and sweet potatoes.  A lot of orange going on there!

And this.  A batch of homemade raisin biscuits to go with it.

I lack the will power to deprive myself of the foods I love and right now, I'm not moving enough.
 So my food balancing act continues...into old age it seems!

Slow Stitching on a Winter Sunday

Kathleen Tracy at her site Country Lane Quilts  is hosting a free Mystery Quilt Along.

And she cleverly provides alternate with applique and one pieced so you can choose both or either/or.  I've downloaded the applique block and am really curious about what Block 2 will look like.  Already some lovely blocks are being posted.  These blocks are going to be small as that is Kathleen's specialty.  I freezer papered Block 1 yesterday to have it ready for the hand stitching today and that didn't take long at all.

Hubby update

Hubby decided he should see a doctor on the very night we had that winter storm warning. We figured getting to the clinic just a five minute drive away would be no problem.  Despite my nervousness, it really wasn't...a bit of driving snow and wind and slippery on turns. But we bundled up, took our time and with no traffic around, made it safe and sound to and fro.
 So his chest was clear but because he still has a cough and nose congestion, the doctor gave him antibiotics especially in light of how long this had been dragging on.  So we shall see if this is the ticket now.
  I wish he would drink more water; he says he hates it and just can't do it.

Note: Blogger lost my comments on my Mrs. Tishell post and I'm really sorry I didn't get to read them all.

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