Sunday, 7 January 2018

Mrs. Tishell, Cabin Fever and Tidy Stitches

Still freezing outside, Hubby still coughing but a little less, and I think I have put on weight with this stretch of staying indoors.  I guess that last will happen if a person is soothing themselves with hot chocolate and baked goods and not getting in their two walks a day.  Oh well, this too shall pass, as one of my grandmothers always said.

A Bit of Foolishness

I think I've mentioned I like to mimic accents.  I'm terrible at it but that doesn't stop me.
I've been wearing a lot of scarves and turtlenecks around the house lately. This has prompted Hubby to nickname me Mrs. Tishell, a character from Doc Martin we both love.  And I love how Selina exactly nails a slightly seductive tone whenever talking to the Doc.

Just for fun, I tried to strike a Claire Foy pose as Her Majesty in The Crown.  Of course, neither of those lovely women have my square jaw!  But I think I have learned some of Claire's inflection in speech which, since Hubby is slightly deaf (luckily), amuses only me.   Thenk Ku!

And before I get an email...this hair is not a wig and it is not blue/purple. Weird lighting. LOL

  BTW, there is huge interest in the details of the accents in this show (not just by me!).

Here is an excellent aritcle about getting the accent and all the other details of the show just right.

I also wanted to mention the broach I'm wearing... a stained glass hummingbird a friend gave me knowing my love of birds and broaches. Very appreciated.

And lastly just to show "you know who" is always with me.  Hubby keeps telling him...I rescued you too you know!

I must get out of the house this week, I really must! Cabin fever is a real thing and thanks for putting up with me and my silliness.

More Serious Stuff

I have this piece, Painted Lady, up on my wall. I've completed more embroidery on it than in the pattern but I think I will call it done now.  Sandwich time!

Loads of enjoyable slow stitching still with the SC piece. I'm using one strand of thread in contrasting red around some of the figures (like in the pattern) and realizing how neat and tidy the stitches need to be in that case. Eek

Hope there is lots to enjoy in your Sunday!

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