Thursday, 14 December 2017

A Happy Robber, An Elf and My FMQ Adventure

Tuesday we had a snowfall alert for a 36 hour period. Such is met with mixed reactions...glee for the snowmobilers, skiers and kids hoping for a snow day.  But not so happy for anyone traveling.

Then Wednesday, temperatures plummeted to minus 26C with windchill overnight so walking the dogs early morning was definitely a dress up affair.  I even got out the balaclava Hubby had bought me at Princess Auto.  It is bright orange so I struck quite a striking picture in the white woods. Hubby said I looked like a happy robber.

No not can't make these things look un-menacing.  Hope this picture doesn't scare anyone!!

 But it covered my cheeks which was all I wanted.
 Then I had to shovel the front steps because shovelling is my job and I like them cleaned off. This is good for me and keeps the body parts moving.  And all that fresh air is invigorating.

 I really like the Down to Earth blog and came across this posting.  I found it very interesting.  Animals are remarkable adaptors and considering how us humans keep spreading it's a good thing they are.

How Animals Move Through Cities

I loved having a little elf stop by to help me decorate for Christmas.  What a good reason to get it all done.

And I enjoyed watching his way of decorating too like the garland should hang like a waterfall

and these red birds should stick close together because they're friends.

Stitching news: Nice to have a finish to report!

I have my little Happy Scrappy Trees table runner finished and on said table.  I wish now I had widened it but the length is just right.  I dropped Tree #12 because it was too much like one of the others.  I used FMQ to quilt it and that is always an adventure for me.

 I worked stars in the "sky" section and was pleased with those.  The slightly wonkier ones suited the wonky trees I figured. ~ Smile~

And worked out a big curl for the bottom part.  This bit was fun to do. I traced the design onto the fabric with my Frixion pen.

I had to remove all those stitches the first time because I was not pleased with the flow of the stitching. ..a little jerky in spots.  I learned to take frequent pauses and readjust and relax my hands.

I used a zigzag stitch for the binding.

A great feeling to have it done and put to use. I like these pine cones the little elf and I collected from around the property.  I keep thinking I should do something clever with them.

So "Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat" ...are you familiar?

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