Sunday, 10 December 2017

Can You See What I See?

Can You See What I See

There are three deer here though I know that is hard to believe. When I first thought I spotted movement (from my kitchen window), it seemed as if there was some strange optical illusion at play.  It wasn't till the first one stepped out of the trees and onto the laneway that I knew for certain I was seeing deer.

 It is deer hunting season and it hurts me to think of such graceful creatures being killed.  However, I am a carnivore and will eat venison so my dilemma continues.

Two large and the smallest one is in front there showing why they are called White Tailed Deer.  They are part of a large population of them here in Ontario.
 Interesting how even stark bare-leafed trees can provide camouflage.

My chipmunks have gone underground, but the black, gray and red squirrels are still rushing about trying to beat each other to the bird feeders.

 Taking a Break from Scandinavian Christmas

My fingers are making protesting noises today from the tiny applique stitching I've been doing lately. I am now working on Block 4 of my S.C. and also cross stitching the snow flakes for the border. I think it is going well, as in I am still on track to fulfill my OMG for December.

 In the meantime I began this little runner for my sofa table made up of wonky Christmas type trees.  Just working around the green now with a little hand work that is not as exacting... blanket stitch and totally questioning why I try to make up my own patterns! (Will this look ridiculous!)

Wreath Making

Just love this tutorial on how to make your own wreath.  She makes it looks sooo easy!
But what I really like is the idea of using local foliage and that this could be a winter wreath and stay up through the winter months.

And speaking of wreaths, one of my fb friends decided she would try her hand at making outdoor winter decorations.  Here's the set she made for me.  I know I will enjoy it all winter. 

I think she did a great job.

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