Thursday, 4 April 2019

Colourful Thursday and Spring Strings

I wonder how many of us love a blank page and have a favourite pen. I am a little particular about the pen I write with-must be black ink, for instance (always have been...may be a Virgo thing?).  And a blank page always beckons me.  And black is a colour too.

Hubby was looking for a pen he could write upside down with, specifically complete his anagram puzzle in the paper from a reclining posititon.  After auditioning several, he settled on this one which when I tried it out, lo and behold, I liked it too. (Cannot say that last bit without hearing the girl with the fake Irish accent from the old Irish Spring Soap commercials!)  The Bic Intensity available at Walmart and it's all about the small things these days.

                                                   BIC Intensity Fineliner Marker Pen Set, 3/Pack

The evening sky at Daughter's last fall.  Colours not heightened, btw...the sky was literally glowing with this beautiful range....naturally.  But it only lasted a couple of minutes, long enough to hold me in awe though.
Happy crocheting with these pretty shades of lavender (Blogger turned them blueish) and forgetting just how long it takes to crochet 211 stitches! Started Lucy's Trellis Stitch pattern and mine seems a little bumpy.
Definitely won't be seeing daffodils any time soon and actually I'm glad they can't pop up yet. Last years' bloomed on time only to be destroyed by freezing rain.
Here is my version of the Farmer's Wife Daffodil block...hand pieced and yes, the pattern is this, a little odd. I think I had to do this three times to get it to work but took heart when many others also had difficulties with it.  One of the pluses of joining online group stitch alongs is reading that you're not alone with pattern issues.

I think I mentioned I've read the many autobiographies and books about the American First Ladies. So I remembered that Lady Bird Johnson's agenda while First Lady was to beautify and conserve natural landscapes, in particular wildflowers and trees. She was instrumental in setting up the National Wildflower Research Center. I love her legacy! It blooms on!
                       Image result for where there is flowers there is hope
You can find the free pdf download for the design below which is called Arbor.  I keep coming across this in my searches for scrap quilts.  It would work so well for a wide variety of scrap fabrics and colours.
Live Art Gallery found through QI link

                              Free pattern (PDF download!)
I am working on my string project and settled on spring colours for the flowers I intend to applique on the blocks.  I'm calling this one Spring Strings which is a bit of a tongue twister.
I included some aqua for the petals and now I'm trying to figure out which green coordinates with aqua for the stalks and leaves. Or is there a green that does? Perhaps a darker shade of aqua?

Rex at the farm, 2014.  Look at those ears.  He must have been such a cute puppy.

Though a little envious, I'm enjoying seeing the colours in your gardens many of you are sharing.  Enjoy it all and our time will come!
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Scrapatches said...

Good Morning! That sky is so gorgeous. I love sunsets ... and sunrises ... do not see them like this in the city unless you go to the river which runs northwest to east. Your projects look so interesting. The string and applique quilt is going to be beautiful. I have never done freezer paper applique ... well, to be honest, I tried once and made a mess of it. Do you straight stitch, zig-zag or blanket stitch in place, I wonder. Do you pin the appliques in place when you sew? Maybe I need to try it again. I am always looking for good black pens. Thank for sharing on I Like Thursday ... :) Pat

LA Paylor said...

nice likes! I love a blank page and black ink! Mostly blue ink tho or purple... heh heh
Do you know LeaAnn at Podunk Pretties just adopted a G.S. and she is a beauty? Today's post has her wearing a red bow sitting on LeaAnn's quilt. The sunset photo is so pretty, and you made note of the fleeting beauty. You looked. Then you stayed for the show, and shared the beauty with us. Three good things. Thanks for that.
Go see Khaleesi and tell me if she and Rex wouldn't make a nice couple! LeeAnna

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

everything is looking so nice on your quilting and your crochet looks just fine to me - this blanket is taking longer to do then I thought it would! I still have about 4 more colors maybe to do the last rows and then add the border - I thought I would be done with it by now.
I usually like black in and Bic's but this last one I have I don't like - a uni-ball I think it is called - the ink stays wet too long - I prefer one to dry immediately!!

Nancy J said...

Pens that write when lying in bed or on a chair, that will be my next one to look for, a pencil just isn't the same, and I am a " Black Belt" in liking crosswords etc.Not the solving though. Lovely wool, and a green, I would lay out several fabrics and stand back, and look at them all several times a day,The right one will say " Pick Me"

Brian said...

That sky is so pretty and so is your beautiful creations!

Brian said...

I see you hopped in. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

When I used to grade papers and write notes to my students I was very picky about my pens, so I can relate to you and your hubby. I'll look for those pens at Walmart just in case the need arises! :) I love pieced backgrounds with applique on them so your Spring Strings look like they will be beautiful! And that photo of the evening sky is gorgeous! It goes right along with that afghan you and Karen are crocheting!

PaintedThread said...

Wow - such wonderful evening colors. I love finding scrappy quilt patterns. :-) Have fun with yours.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Beautiful sky, I love Pilot G-2 with a very very fine point. For some reason the thicker points and I do not get along! LOL
Yes Lady Bird did add to the beauty of the world with flowers. She put up a lot with her husband. They were from the South Texas area. She really had a Texas drawl! I like the petals on a stem project. Have a great day and we are now going into nice 85 to 90's here in South Texas! Yuk!

Allie said...

I'm fussy about a pen too - I have two that my son bought me, a vintage Sheaffer and a Japanese model that I love. Your crocheting is lovely, I really miss it, I have to stick to dishcloths now as it hurts my hands.

I LOVE your project with the strings - those colorful leaves are amazing!!!! I can't wait to see this one finished!!!

Lin said...

For some years now I have been writing with brown ink. Because I like to draw in my journals to I tend to use a brown PITT artist pen - great to write with and to draw. What a great design for a scrap quilt. Yes, I would definitely think that you need a dark bluey green to go with your aqua petals - very pretty. xx

Jenn Jilks said...

I remember that, the accent!!! Good giggle.
"auditioning a pen!" You have a great sense of humour.
I went to the fabric store yesterday, but I wasn't moved to begin a project. Sigh.
I haven't even been moved to do a sketch.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your sky photo is incredible - lucky you to be in the right spot at the right time. As for pens - in recent years I've discovered that I need a pen with a soft cushy barrel because of my arthritic hands. Getting old(er) isn't for the weak!!