Thursday, 11 April 2019

Photograph Blocks And More

A most welcome April but the wild melting/freezing/snowing cycle we've been experiencing is mostly unspringlike but making the landscape take on a harshness just the same.  Exposed are last autumn's withered leaves, all the stumps and sticks and suddenly there are even soggy areas where you can go over your boots. Unlike the crisp freshness of winter air, walking today, the air had a smell that was a little woody and earthy.
But the Canada Geese are returning! I was mesmerized by that very moody March sky.

  Yes that early spring smell is familiar to me from my long early spring walks to school years ago. And that made me think (for this is the way my mind flits about) did any of you get new clothes for Easter growing up? We always did.
Just recently in talking to Mom, she mentioned how she would knit me a new spring cardigan each year and I would want to wear it to show it off before she thought the weather was warm enough.  She could work in any pattern without instructions...a clever skill I wish I had!

I got to see the marvelous Captain Marvel movie with older grandson recently.  I really liked Annette Benning as the Supreme Intelligence in this and loved the way they gave the original male role to a woman.
 She thanked the wig people because she wore wigs throughout. Love this wig. Maybe because it is the style I'm trying to achieve with my hair, which is thinning.  I'm still relying on texture spray - this one- Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray but a wig is in my future. I've learned enough about wigs now to know that height in the top and back there is gotten through something called permatese. (oh the useless information that gloms onto my brain!)

                                   Related image
And speaking of strong women.
I still follow the royal family and especially Herself, Queen Elizabeth.  She really is remarkable even just for the stamina and dedication she has at her age, almost inspiration for me.

  Apparently she is just as smart as she always was to correct the medals sergeant about which he has chosen for which award.  Medals is just one of unusual areas of expertise for her; horses being another.  Dog calling too.  I also like how she eats whatever people serve her and does not ask for special foods (with the exception being requesting no garlic). She has never once bothered the kitchen staff for anything past her 9 pm. tea and biscuit. That certain modesty despite her station in life is admirable. Especially during these times when wild ostentatiousness is at an all time high.  She will, quite literally, be a tough act to follow.
Riding still at that😒 age!
                                    Image result for queen elizabeth riding recently
So here at the wooden house, all calm...two snoring dogs and one snoring hubby accompanied me throughout last night and myself, tired enough to go back to sleep even after being woken. Thankful for that. And I'm tired of reading how important sleep is to good health. 😒

This mug had to come home with me when I saw it featured a wooden house in the fir trees, as well as the name of this beautiful province.  I love the pretty aqua colour on the inside too. Little squirrel is one of three tree decorations which includes an owl and a deer.  I thought  they also belonged here.
Happily stitching a few more of the Photograph Blocks.  The scraps are not always obliging enough to render a full little motif but I'm trying my best.
These are being sewn in stages.  Here is stage one with just one small strip added. This helps use some very small narrow bits.
And then a few more to add to the wall.  I'm aiming for 10 a week.

I must be sitting at the machine funny or something. I'm not there long when a certain muscle on one side of my back begins to ache. After a session, it is quite sore. I must dig out the heating pad.

A Little Good News
I can feel her panic because I would feel exactly like that! I'm obsessive about my wallet.  And of course, I'm happy the hero is a fellow Newfoundlander.
Iowa Woman Seeks Good Samaritan Newfoundlander

Kathryn Madera Miller of Iowa, pictured recently with her husband, John Miller, is on the hunt for a man from this province who returned her lost bag to her at Tampa airport on Tuesday, March 19.
What a sweet looking couple.
Update: He has been found! Good Samaritan Found

I love how winter weather exposes nests hidden while in use.  I've watched this one all winter wondering if it would hold up and it has. Now I wonder will it be reused...a chance for bird photos later on maybe.  Looks the right fit for a wren.

Taking myself in hand again with my reading...besides enjoying Ted Talks, reading some nonfiction. This one was an ebook downloaded from the library which I admit I skimmed, enough to learn I am not highly sensitive, just a little bit but perhaps you are.  I'm just ordinary, LOL.

                                      Page de couverture de The Highly Sensitive
I have lots more to chat about but must stop before I've chewed your ear off.
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Brian said...

Love the geese, we've got some baby ones already!

PaintedThread said...

I need to see that Captain Marvel movie. It sounds like fun. The queen is a remarkable person. Love that mug (the colors and it looks like a great size). That squirrel is cute, too! Thanks for sharing the good Samaritan story - always good to hear of good people. I have a friend that is Highly Sensitive... and I know that I am NOT, in any way, shape or form. lol. But knowing about it makes dealing with him a little easier (and understandable).

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Beautiful moody sky picture, Jocelyn! I love the Canadian Geese - we have many who live here year round. Annette Bening is a favorite actress of mine - we would probably enjoy that movie, too.
And aren't your photograph blocks neat?! They will make a fun, scrappy quilt!

Libby in TN said...

Our Canada geese are pretty much year-round residents. We have at least one pair here on the lake. They constantly honk in response to the echo coming from across the way (which of course is only their own honk).

Nancy J said...

Birds have the Black Belt in building a home, nothing leaks,it is safe, secure and lasts till all the children leave home, Then Mum can visit again the following year. Did you see Jenn mentioned both of us in her blog, with a photo of her wonderful letterbox flag. Love the squirrel, and the Queen, I would have wanted to retire years ago if I was in her shoes.

junieper/Jesh said...

Yay for the geese that are returning! Love the quilt pieces - sorry they give you a back ache! That nest looks pretty exposed :) (have heard that birds look for safe placed to nest! Many thanks for sharing your on-off spring weather and experiences with All Seasons - hope the on-off thing will soon stop and it will become on for a long time! So true, Queen Elizabeth must be a very strong and determined woman! Junieper/Jesh

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like Annette Benning and the Canadian Geese - what a nice story of the man that found the purse! I have always thought Queen Elizabeth sounds like such a nice person who hadn't been raised to be queen from the time she was a baby but to have it thrust on her in her early 20's - she has done well I think!
I love that coffee mug you share.

Jenn Jilks said...

I love your quilt work.
Aren't the geese amazing? And the goldfinches are gold again!

Out To Pasture said...

Love your photo of the moody March sky. Looks like a flock of returning starlings swirling in it. Ah yes, the faithful, duty-bound monarch. She certainly is remarkable! Another enjoyable and uplifting post. Thankyou, Jocelyn.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Annette Benning in a Marvel film. Very cool. I love her wig in that photo!!! I am so impressed withe stamina of the queen. I hadn't noticed your photographic blocks before. Nice idea. Have a great day! mary

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love reading your posts - just like sitting over a cuppa and having a chat!

LA Paylor said...

you'd never chew my ear off... I love reading all your posts. Gotta check out that book, I'm sensitive overly so according to my thick alligator skinned relatives. It goes with being creative I think.
sleep is amazing. my friend in Boulder has cbd oil capsules to help her sleep.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Your photograph quilt is looking splended! I love reading your posts and what is happening in your next of the world! Be careful of the back problem. I use a product called "maxifreeze" to loosen me up when that happens! Hugs!