Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Shopping, Lollipop Blocks, Mice Tale

My horoscope for today said nothing about releasing something captive.
 But that is exactly what I was doing at 7:30 ish this morning.  Two more little mice in the humane mouse trap. One so afraid I could not get it to leave the safety of the trap. I left him and trap with the top open down by the pond so he could venture out himself; finished my jog and there he was still hiding in a corner with just his tail showing. I had to tug on said tail to finally get him to move. Then he sat in the grass a time before slowly creeping away. They'd spent the night munching all the peanut butter off the bikkies so I knew at least he was leaving with some sustenance in his belly.
Humane Mouse Trap Total: 6 to date saved from the engines of the cars.

I saw this Sherpa fleece head band from Simon's  that I think I need. It won't be long before fleece will be my go to wardrobe.
In fact I bought this very fleecy top last week.  It's Columbia, black with a little dotted pattern. Thinner fleece but still soft and cozy.
And I'm especially happy with my new jeans from Marks...so happy I bought two pairs.  Jeans are a challenge for me due to my wide hips :)  below a small waist. These are the Hanna high rise waist with curve tech technology in a very dark blue...and a little spandex is the secret ingredient.  I guess technology had to advance enough to develop a pair of jeans that would fit me comfortably.
I made bone broth from the turkey carcass and then used it for soup. Daughter just told me you can buy bone broth in powder form at the Bulk Barn. So this week I'll have to check that out.  They offer a 10% discount for seniors and students every Wednesday.  I also found the one below online and it gets great reviews. It might be something better for me to sip on rather than having that second cup of afternoon tea.

                                       Prairie Naturals Grass Fed Bone Broth Protein Beef 300 g
I didn't bother taking an after photo of the closet in my sewing room. It did not look that different but it is. I spent a whole afternoon on it...dragged everything out, sorted, grouped or regrouped items and put it all back. I had a bag of garbage, several items that I'd been looking for and a satisfying feeling as my reward.  It's good to be reminded of where exactly tucked away things are!

I've finished three of these little lollipop flower appliqued blocks.  And used scraps for a little border to add some more interest.
I can't bear to waste any of this wonderful (and expensive) fabric.

I hope to finish the fourth one today and then I'm tackling a maple leaf block.  Wish me luck!
And with that particular goal, I'll close this post.
And I'm really hoping no more mice go into my trap. 😟
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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I must admit I have never tried bone broth but I have heard it is supposed to be good for you - I might have to check into that. It is chilly here this morning and I have a light sweatshirt one and my socks! my feet were freezing this morning and I felt chilly half the night the heat finally come on near morning - it had been so warm in the house for a couple days as it had really warmed up outside for this time of year it was too warm.
I have trouble with jeans too and have to try on half a dozen usually before I find one that fits right

Libby in TN said...

Love your lollipops!

Julierose said...

Those lollies look fabulous--I used to eat the lollipops with the chocolate centers
long ago--I still give them out at Halloween ;))) hoping for some leftovers hahaha
hugs, Julierose

Out To Pasture said...

Hm-m-m, like the copy cat that I am, I'm gonna try that powdered bone broth the next time I'm at Bulk Barn. Lucky mice that visit your digs. Usually I only get mice coming into my basement in the Fall. My snap traps take no hostages.

Nancy J said...

Down here we have a 5% discount for seniors every Tuesday.And,I can tell you, that the 2 supermarkets that do this are always packed with the grey haired brigade!!! Fleece tops and pants, we are in spring, but I am still wearing winter gear. I find a neck warmer in merino is a huge help, I make them for all the family, and fingerless hand warmers in fleece as well. Mice, you are so brave to pull on his tail, I have a dread of them, so silly I know, but it goes back to childhood when they would be in the huge chook food drum. Keep warm.

Sharon - IN said...

LOL I really hope you don't have anymore mice that need to find their way into your trap! That was one timid mouse you caught. Your lollipop flowers make me happy. Have a fun week stitching!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Finding jeans that fir comfortably is not easy. Glad you found some.

Brian said...

That poor mouse must have thought you were a cat!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Jocelyn! Gee whiz. It seems that sherpa headband is expensive. I have a boatload of sherpa - I could sew you one. Woot woot to finding the perfect pair of jeans. I have the exact same issue. I find if I wear a pair of mid-rise jeans, the fit much better on my waist. Seriously, you can buy powdered bone broth?? I have made turkey bone broth myself from the carcass, and it is delicious. I look forward to hearing what you think about this product. Good luck with the lollipop flowers and maple leaves! And thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Cute flowers. I am so glad you can humanely dispose of your mousies. Ours were a little to smart for their own good, so we had to resort to poison and a new cat at the daughters.

Lin said...

I LOVE turkey soup made with the bones - used to be my after Christmas treat but now that I don't cook Christmas dinner I do miss it. Lovely lollipops. xx

Michele McLaughlin said...

Love your lollipops! Also love that fleece headband, Love fleece anything! I might try the bone broth, thanks for the tip! Have a great day!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

we have live traps all over the place. Mostly for chipmunks who are quickly moved to the county park three blocks from me. We are trying to catch two feral cats that are wreaking havoc and procreating all over the place. They will go to the rescue where they are neutered and released to our neighborhood which is pretty rural. Mostly we want to catch a groundhog who is living somewhere in my yard, or at least visiting daily and digging. Your lollipops are happy. I was going to say cute, which they are, but happy is what I think they really are. I found some sweatshirts that are the lightest softest fabric I have ever had. I bought one in every color. They are warm, yet good when the weather is not too cold as well. I'm short waisted and love the jeans I have. I bought 7 pairs when I found them. They are the best reason I have to keep my weight under control, lol.
Have a great day.
xx, Carol

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

I vaguely remember having a waist. Oh well. I tried some powdered bone broth last year when I was having all kinds of health issues. I didn't like the taste. It's supposed to be good for you, though. Congrats on keeping Trudeau- I know he needs to atone for his errors but as an American, I was glad to see him win. Love the lollipop flowers-they look like a fun project.

Rose said...

I loce your lollipops...I have a hard time finding jeans that have pockets big enough. Most have pockets that will not hold anything at all.

Peter parker said...

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Bone broth - sounds interesting (sez she, skeptically). I hear you about finding jeans that fit - my problem is trying to get them long enough. Marks, unfortunately, doesn't seem to have any that work for me. I love the fit of NYDJ's (Not Your Daughter's Jeans) but they're terribly expensive.

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