Sunday, 12 September 2021

Rule #4, Shopping, Table Topper Almost Finish, Flosstube Love, Hanging On!

 Rule #4 Calm yourself. Stop dreaming up negative scenerios! You are safe and comfortable. Your children are safe and comfortable.  Shut down the negative thoughts! Give your mind a well deserved break from all the horrible imaginings! Anybody else identify with the middle of the night wandering thoughts that take a dark dive?? I'm determined to put a stop to it. 

Have you heard of Butter Denim?  I got out shopping last week at Winners and bought these jeans made of Butter Denim; I think the company is a number like 1822. This is me trying to model them for you, LOL. I always have to wear a top that more or less covers my bottom. 

They are so soft, and very stretchy and lightweight. I tried them on and had to buy them.  I'm not even a big jeans lover, but I can honestly say I love these. Have been wearing them every day since buying them. (Not affiliated in any way, just sharing something I like. 👍)

I enjoy Flosstube when I am stitching. Here is one of my favourite stitchers to listen to, Susan Standley at A Stitch in Time...she is very knowledgeable.  

So happy to be concentrating on A Year at Hawk Run Hollow for this month till the threads come for me to make my special birthday start. This is June's block, How Do I Love Thee, featuring a bride, groom and tiny church. The white of the church was stitched with silks, very soft...where it came from in my stash, I have no idea but so happy to get to use it up. 

 In my last post I shared  Lillyella's link to free templates to make a cute little EPP tabletopper.

Here is what I have done so far and I have to say, it is a sweet pattern and the options with it are endless.  As someone mentioned, it's a great chance to practice fussy cutting now for Halloween or use up scraps. This is smallish, just 10 inches across so stitches up quickly. 

 This one wasn't really Christmasy as I don't have much seasonal fabrics. And I'm not happy with how I wound up coping with the points all meeting in the center; I did sew it in two halves so they were relatively flat but a little askew. You can do better, I told myself. So I'm making another one, perhaps a little more of Christmas this time if I can find a Christmas green in the drawer.

I just have to share this photo of the last of the lilies to bloom and this guy hung on till last week though he didn't look as fresh as this by then. It is deep orange and I planted them because they remind me of pumpkins which I think are such  happy things. 

Here's to hanging on!!

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Oh that Rule #4 is a good one, Jocelyn! I can totally relate to those middle of the night worries, but add that I have them during the day, too. Your Butter Denim jeans sound wonderful! And I love the little EPP project you're working on, too.

Libby in TN said...

Never heard of "butter denim" but it sounds deliciously comfortable. Will have to look for it. Beautiful lily (and the model ain't so bad, herself).

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is me at rule#4 I dream a lot -vivid nasty dreams - something wrong with the kids, an accident something and I will be awake the rest of the night - sometimes 3AM and sometimes 5 and then can't get back to sleep - and then don't even get me started on the negative feelings going on in the US right now - I keep telling myself to not watch the news and I do anyhow.
I will give those jeans a search and see if I can find them always looking for soft jeans not stiff and cooler weather will be here one day - can't come soon enough for me. Love your EPP - I just found a new facebook group that will start a historical EPP soon thought I might give it a try - patterns come out on the 15th I think.

Nancy J said...

Love the jeans, anything stretchy is so comfortable, The orange is such a deep colour, just right for your fall/autumn days.

Ivani said...

Jocelyn you did very well modeling the Butter Denin, And I spy that beautiful quilt near you. ♥
Love your EPP and also your cross stich projects.
Have a wonderful new week

Frédérique said...

I love that photo of you, you look fabulous in this Butter Denim jeans ;) Pretty embroidery, and EPP project.
Thank you for sharing, and linking up today!

Jenn Jilks said...

That monkey mind will mess with you so much!
Love the work, and the pants!
You are so fun!

Jenny said...

In my case, it's both bottom and tummy which need covering by a longer top! You look very stylish in your new jeans, and stretch denim is so comfy to wear.

Kim said...

The perennial problem of wearing clothes that covers one's bottom. =) Those jeans sound fabulous. It is hard to find the perfect pair of jeans but once you do you seem to live in them. Worries always seem to magnify in the middle of the night, don't they. I smiled at your photo of you; so cute! Your EPP is lovely. Such a pretty design and those fabrics are such pretty hues. Keep practicing; soon you will be an old hand at it.

Brian said...

Calm is good, always! I never heard of butter denim, looks great but sounds messy. Love your festive stitchings!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I have such a hard time finding jeans that are long enough (36" inseam isn't something manufacturers seem to think exists) but have to say I think I'd love a pair made with something called butter denim - even the name sounds wonderful.
As for thinking of negative scenarios - seems like that's what most people seem to be doing these days. We can all do with a goodly dose of calm!

MissPat said...

When you figure out how to achieve Rule #4, let the rest of us know. I am really bad about imagining the worst outcome for every for everything. Negative thinking is stressful and bad for your health and peace of mind, but I haven't found a cure yet.
That's a cute little EPP project. I need to finish my current one as I've seen a number of new ones I'd like to try.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

I really needed to hear rule #4 . Thank you. Fabulous butter denim jeans. Super cute EPP tabletopper. Love your fabrics. Have a great week and happy quilting.

Meloney said...

I think we could all live by not letting negative thoughts invade our lives. We hear so many negative things and must make an effort to stay postiive.

piecefulwendy said...

Rule #4 is a good one, since I struggle with that too. I've never heard of butter jeans, but I'm going to check them out. Fun to see you modeling them! Nice stitching too, and of course I loved the orange flower!

LA Paylor said...

love love love!!
I am headed over to check out those jeans, comfort being number one in my book but comfort that looks like real jeans is winner
I already printed out the templates yesterday but haven't decided what fabrics I want yet.
When I cut them out, and dh was arranging the pieces, I thought all those points are going to make bulk. It's tempting when designing to do radiating pattern but the points always cause trouble in center. When regular piecing you can press the seams around to reduce bulk but with sewn epp you'd have to take out the basting. I guess the maker glue basted so she could press them going pinwheel like around... I don't love glue baste because the outside is lost when you remove the templates to use the block. I wonder... I'll have to try one...your fabrics are so pretty and if you set a vase or candle in the center you'll not see any slight misalignments

Pat said...

Thanks for sharing! Yes, I do have a wandering and at night that inhibits sleep! Glad you found jeans to wear...I need some new clothes, too. Very cute sewing projects! said...

Rule 4 is a good one. I used to do that until my husband was killed. After a few weeks of no sleeping, worrying I knew I had to start to let go. I started praying as I fall asleep, asking for protection for me, my family, to guide my dreams. I hardly ever have a hard time sleeping because I worry. More often than not it is because I am overly tired. Love your EPP it is so pretty. And of course your Cross stitch is lovely too. You are so very cute in your jeans!

Jackie said...

I have never heard of butter denim, but now I think I just might have to find myself a pair. I also buy tops that cover my bottom.

That table topper is so very cute.

God bless.

Miaismine said...

You look so cute in those jeans! Also, you look like you're a lot of fun to hang out with - that smile of yours lights up a room! Yes, shutting down negative thoughts is so necessary! Daddy calls it "changing channels"! Your hand stitching is lovely! Thank you for sharing Floss Tube. I believe I've heard of it, but had forgotten. I've subscribed to the channel so there you have it!
Love that lily photo and your EPP is gorgeous.
Take good care!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

I love your Rule Number 4! We can let our minds wander down the negative path, especially being around negative people, negative news, and recalling all the negative things in the world and where we have been.

The best way to really do it is when a negative thought tries to enter - replace it with a positive thought! I no longer watch the news, doing my walk again each morning (after 3 months on the indoor bike due to the horrible heat), eat breakfast earlier, stay on my limited list of foods, and then play the rest of the day in the Studio!

I have learned in the last year that when we are under stress TRY to just go with it. For me, Type A, that is difficult. In the end, I had no control over what I had to work through and handle. So if it is STRESS that I am imposing on myself I can chase it out the door. If it is STRESS that someone else causes and I cannot control and have to deal with it I just go forward and then fall apart when it is all over! LOL.

Bottom line - enjoy each day and take time to breath! Hugs

Love your posts!

Judy Hansen said...

Hi Jocelyn,
I like your rule #4, and it’s what I try to follow too. I was just talking to a friend who was looking for a Thanksgiving and/or a Christmas tabletopper. This pattern would work for her. Thanks for the link to the templates. Also, thanks for faithfully linking with Design Wall Mondays linky party. Hugs, Judy

Linda said...

Yes I relate to middle of the night worries! You look great in those butter jeans! I like any product with the name "butter" attached to it. Yes that is a pretty lily for fall and it reminds me to "plant more lilies" this fall. Pretty EPP and cross stitch projects!

Kate said...

Very fun stitching going on at your place. The table topper is very cute. I've tried template stitching before and it just does not compute for me. Happy stitching this weekend.