Thursday, 19 May 2022

Taking a Fall, Tilda's Plaid Quilt, Shellacked Nails, YouTube Video

 It is shocking how quickly the heat arrived and stayed all last week. I'm talking 34C in the midday sun.  We broke a couple of records for May. Too hot to sit outside and the air was instantly oppressive. Not to mention how fierce the mosquitoes were! Boy, they hatch hungry! However, that heat has passed off and we are back to temperatures that are a little  cooler than usual.  So I guess the weather is simply all over the place.

Because we went from frost advisories to that heat, the Crocuses and Tulips here on my property didn't bloom. The wild Trout Lilies also didn't bloom this spring but a few of the White Trilliums did though not in numbers enjoyed in the past. The White Trillium is the beautiful provincial flower of Ontario.

I took a fall last Saturday while walking Ned on his leash. I've been using the lead with him lately because of all the critters on the move. He caught sight of something and made a quick mad dash bringing me down with a thud. Like the saying, I didn't know what hit me-I found out- it was the ground!  My left arm and chest took the brunt of the fall. But I'm okay; I took an extra strength Tylenol that afternoon which helped with the pain. I'm just a little sore when moving certain ways; lying down and especially getting back up seem to hurt the most. Who knew so many muscles are involved in small maneuvers.  I'm very thankful where I fell was not where there are jagged rocks; the damage could have been so much worse. And I wish I could remember to just let go when that happens! (But I do remember and have to smile when I think of how excited and happy Neddy got to find me on the ground at his level I guess which was novel for him.) 

I enjoyed having my nails, all 20 of them, LOL, painted for Mother's Day. They actually got shellacked...the last time I heard of shellacking was my parents trying to decide if they should shellac their wooden kitchen cabinets. I had no idea you could do this to nails!!

I'm liking them this colour, so bright for me, and it's a visual reminder to take better care of my fingers. Like keep the gardening gloves on!

Perhaps on the weekend, I'll get the Geranium into its outside pot on the laneway. It certainly knows it's spring.

Indoor chores

I've got the oven cleaned. Boy do I hate doing that and was so disappointed when I found the self cleaning option didn't work on this stove. But the first day I could open windows wide I got it done. 

 I'm now washing and storing the winter duvet, afghans, shawls and blankets. Yes, we wrap up a lot during our winters! While doing a little spring cleaning, I also gathered a garbage bag of clothes and household items to donate to the thrift store.  Next on the list is to do a deep dive of the fridge freezer which is a large drawer with items piled on top of each other.  How long is frozen fruit still good to eat??

This article pertaining to creativity was interesting, especially the follow up links provided. The Art of Solitude by Maria Popova. I've not given up on my efforts to focus on creativity in 2022.

I loved this video. It appealed to my sense of wanting very badly to use up scraps. I loved the rhythm  Ash achieved in ironing and stitching which is a little hypnotic to watch. (I think she has a towel on her ironing surface). I also liked the history she chats about whilst stitching.  But I do appreciate when someone has the colour sense to put scraps together to make a very beautiful hanging. 

Speaking of putting things together. I've stitched the beginning of the first of two Tilda quilts I plan to sew this summer. This first one is machine sewn and is called simply Plaid Quilt. It always surprises me how quickly things get sewn when they are not hand stitched. Working with these pretty prints is such a treat.
I've rambled on enough this rainy morning. A grocery shop is pretty much the only thing on the agenda for today...oh the life of the retired!
Linking this post with Not Afraid of Color where LeeAnna is always sharing her creativity. Also linking with Pat at Life in the Scrapatch where she shares her beautiful Tunisian stitched Sea Shawl. 


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those Tilda prints are so pretty! I'll enjoy seeing what you do with them, Jocelyn. So sorry to hear about your fall, and hope the aches gradually go away. Sounds like young Ned just couldn't help himself. Crazy weather in Colorado, too - 87 degrees today and snow tomorrow! I've been excited to do some planting, but will have to hold off for a few more days.

Brian said...

It's sure been plenty hot down this way. I'm glad you didn't get hurt bad on that fall.

Radka said...

I hope you will better soon after your fall, you just never know when something like this happens.
WE have been having some good weather here too, but nothing like your temperatures!

Paulette said...

Sorry about your fall. I hope you're feeling more comfortable day by day. It got very warm here, too, and all of a sudden everything popped and bloomed and turned green. It turned cooler again so jackets were required. Up and down, up and down, and so the spring/summer transition goes. Your quilt is looking very pretty! I'm going to watch that YouTube later. Thanks for sharing it.

PaintedThread said...

Your shellacked nails look great! It's supposed to be really warm here over the weekend. We went from late winter straight to mid summer! Yay for a clean oven! We're in the middle of our spring cleaning kick, too. It's good to get rid of stuff!

loulee said...

Oh my goodness, yes you really must learn to let go of the lead. ?Good to read that you seem to be only a little battered and bruised. Mend quickly.
Your Tilda quilt looks like it will be very pretty.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I hated reading that you took a spill. I used to have that problem when I walked Bosco. I'd gladly take another spill if I still had him. I kind of miss planting flowers. We definitely can't have flowers planted in our living space on this mountain. The critters eat them as fast as you can turn around. Love your two quilt projects fabric.
xx, Carol

grammajudyb said...

Oh dear! I am so sorry you fell. It is a worry of mine too. I don't walk a dog, but I'm a bit of a klutz! Take care.
Love those pretty nails. I need a pedicure badly! Maybe next week, when it's finally warm enough to wear sandals. I never have my fingernails done. They are a mess!!

Jackie said...

Lovely quilt. I do like the colours.

I think Mother Nature either had a mental breakdown, or perhaps had a bit too much to drink. Cold and possible snow here for the long weekend.

God bless.

Out To Pasture said...

Dang, Jocelyn. A fall really can be a shock to a person's body. At least the ground would be better than a sidewalk crash! When Neddy matures a bit more he'll be less likely to forget he's on leash. Love the soft colours of your quilt and of course those jazzy red nails.

Judy Hansen said...

So glad you weren’t hurt on your fall. I have to remind myself when walking my dog to “let go of the leash” when she takes off too. But it happens so fast when she sees a deer. Your trillium are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing them!

Jenny said...

Oh dear, do hope you recover quickly from your fall, it's amazing how many bits hurt when something like this happens. At least you can take comfort that you didn't fall due to your own wobbly legs or fumble feet, but were brought down by an excited strong dog! Take care and rest up till your aches and pains have gone.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love your Tilda quilt! Cute pattern. I hope you feel better after your fall. I don't usually get manicures but they always look so pretty. It's supposed to be in the 90's over the weekend. I'm not looking forward to that!

piecefulwendy said...

I'm so glad you didn't injure yourself worse with that fall. A friend of ours was walking her dog when he went after something and she fell, breaking a few ribs and her shoulder. Do take care and rest. I recently found The Last Homely Home on YouTube and am thoroughly enjoying it. I think you might like it, too.

dutchcomfort said...

I'm glad the result of you fall wasn't any worse... Take care of yourself and enjoy working on the Tilda quilt!

Linda said...

Oh Jocelyn how familiar I am with the sudden lunges of a dog! I'm sorry you fell and glad it wasn't worse. In the mid-1990s while walking our dog Buster on a leash, he lunged in front of me causing me to fall. I hit my cheekbone and scraped my arm, and nothing broke I started crying because it hurt, then my daughter started crying because Mom was crying. In the meantime Buster trotted on home - lol! I looked like I had been in a fight, and the next day my boss took me into his office, shut the door, and asked me if my husband had hit me - oh my goodness! :D
I love that Tilda quilt. Wow on the heat you are having!

Yvonne said...

Glad you did not break anything when you fell. On our age that is something that does easily happen.
Looks like summer has arrived very fast and hot!