Thursday, 18 August 2022

Three Free Patterns, These Shoes Are Made for Walking, Jackrabbit Is|Growing Ears

I have really enjoyed most of these summer days especially since the humidity moved out. The swimming and dog walking and playing have kept me on my feet and moving. As a happy consequence, my body is feeling fairly energetic and free of aches.  I feel like I've kept on top of the indoor chores too; it always gives me satisfaction to know the house has been tended to. 

We have our first basket of Ontario peaches for the season. Hubby loves crumbles and crisps so that's what will be made of those not eaten as fruit. 

Jackrabbit's ears continue to grow. This is a fun cross stitching project and so much smaller than the last one, the Floral Motif Sampler. Seeing steady progress is encouraging. 
I bought one of those magnetic needle minders and wish I'd bought one before. Any loose needle is caught by it which is a good thing for me. This one has an old fashioned lady in a field of poppies. Needle minders can get fancy and you can buy them to match your actual project. You can see examples of that HERE at

Recently I showed you a photo of the Pileated Woodpecker I spied in our side woods as I call the area to the back right of our house.
Another of Cottage Garden's  A Year in the Woods series- this is #9, is that very woodpecker, the Pileated.  Very neat.

Think I should order it? I am very tempted.  Look at those wonderful autumn colours.

Our I Like Prompt from LeeAnna for this week was to share foot wear that we enjoy in the summer time. I have two favourites to share. I consider shoes comfortable if they stand up to a lot of walking in them and both of these did and do. 

First, are these espadrilles that are kind of fancy with two kinds of leather. Over the years, these have been to Newfoundland, the Dominican Republic and in May, to Toronto. I like that they are very comfortable for lots of walking and also look fairly stylish. They were expensive, from Brown's (for those who like trivia, that would be Jessica Mulroney's family business), but have paid for themselves by longevity. 
My second and fun summer shoes are these pink/fuchsia Skechers below. I'm really proud of these because I think they are my second or third best thrift purchase.  I don't buy shoes at a thrift store but these still had remnants of a tag on the bottom and looked brand new. And when I saw they were labelled Goga Mat, I had some idea of what they cost...very expensive. Though I wished they were a different colour- pink shoes are bold for me, I was torn as I do love Skechers. They work so well for my feet somehow. Anyway, fitting perfectly and with a $10 price tag, I decided they were coming home with me. These are very, very light-like having nothing on your feet and of course, so comfy with what Skechers calls "rebound technology", LOL.  I've also washed these in the washing machine once and they came out perfectly.  

Thursday's Three Free (and I always find more to share)

 Sewing With Scraps has a wonderful cache of free patterns, just right for using scraps including very small ones. I went to that site for the Mini String Quilt tutorial and wound up straying far exploring all their material. 

Ann Wood Handmade  That is the link to generous Ann's wonderful cache of free patterns to stitch her whimsical and interesting items. She has added a quilty book since I last shared her work.  Just love her chickens.

Jennifer of Elefantz writes one of my favourite blogs on the web and I've been following her for years. She is a talented designer of very cute patterns and a skilled embroiderer. Besides sharing her gardening, recipes and stories of her life in northern Australia, she shares many free patterns. Like this one which is called Books and Roses and she has worked it into a bookmark. 
In fact Jennifer is offering a free pattern for each month in this series. 
She just recently shared that all 6 grandchildren got Covid and lost their fingernails. I'd not heard of that as a side effect. Had you?
Not free but really really neat. I love this idea from clever Deborah at Fish Museum and Circus. Fabric with imaginative stripes that can be used as fabric or cut on the straight lines in it to use for amazing looking bindings. Very brief video shows what it is.
And at her fun filled site you can find a free PDF pattern for her colourful Circus Tent quilt. 

I hope I've shared something that struck your fancy and that you'll come back again to see what else I'll be sharing- a post of my latest thrift finds will be up very soon.

So happy to link this post with Traffic Jam Weekend and Kathy's Quilts.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I've been seeing the photos of shoes and sandals today - I should show my dirty comfy shoes! I love those big woodpeckers and have only seen a couple of them over time.

Susie H said...

Thanks for the link to 123Stitch. I've been looking for a needle minder ever since I lost mine under the car seat somewhere stuck for eternity! Ha! They had a nice selection and I went ahead and order a couple while I was at it. Your hare is coming along very nicely. Have a great week and I love your 3 Free Patterns.

Nancy J said...

Skechers, if you find a pair at a thrift or op shop, that is wonderful. Here, even at sale price, they are over $100, recently our daughter found a pair at an op shop for $6 !!! Love the next cross stitch, I would order it if I were you.

Jenny said...

Jack Rabbit is coming along well he certainly is a handsome fellow. Yes, do purchase that other cross stitch pattern you have set your heart on, you know you want to.

MissPat said...

I love Skechers, too. So comfy. I don't wear sandals because I can't get a good fit due to my narrow feet. I prefer wearing socks with my footwear anyway and, at my age, fashion is not high on my list, but comfort is.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Your skechers look so fun! I love espadrilles. I usually get a new pair every summer. I love the cross stitch projects. The woodpecker looks just like your photo! Love the free patterns! I'll probably make the pin cushion one of these days! Thank you!!

Brian said...

Sounds like you've been busy, in a good way. Love the jack rabbit and the woodpecker too!

Shelley Dionne said...

Your hard is absolutely adorable! What size linen are you stitching on?

PaintedThread said...

Peaches! Love that jackrabbit. You certainly shouldn't be able to lose a pair of salmon colored shoes! Comfy and machine washable is a great combo.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Yes, you absolutely should stitch the Pileated Woodpecker! Thar design is made for you, Jocelyn. I love your pink Sketchers - what fun! I also follow Jenny of Elefantz. She has sweet designs - I've stitched a couple.

Libby in TN said...

I'm a Skechers girl, also. I have one pair of "boaters" that fit your description of "like wearing nothing." That needle catcher looks to be real handy when doing handwork. I might have to get one.

Dianne Cook said...

Thanks Jocelyn Always enjoy reading your blog and look forward to it each day.Thanks for all the free and interesting blogs you post. Have found so much to follow up with. Dianne

piecefulwendy said...

Aren't pileated woodpeckers fun to watch? I think you should order the pattern, too - just because! I enjoy Ann Woods' site, and have my eye on those chickens, and the cats, of course!

Floor said...

The peaches look delicious. Enjoying meal.
Love your embroidery. Would order the other one too :-)
Those little chickens are so cute!

Angie said...

Jocelyn - I also love Skechers, but I can't manage espadrilles - they seem to cut into the back of my feet ... and they look so cute while doing it! I have bookmarked the Ann Wood pattern - my son loves cute chicken things, so I can see myself making him an ornament like this for Christmas!

Michele McLaughlin said...

Oh yes! I do think that you should do the pleated woodpecker pattern! It's perfect for your home! I love those pink sketchers! Thanks for the free patterns! I envy your peaches. We just heard our local crops failed due the drought. Sigh. Anyway, wishing you a happy and wonderful weekend! Stay cool!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm voting yes on the woodpecker design too. Obviously it's meant to be if you've been able to photograph one. They're around here because I've heard them but never been lucky enough to actually see one.
My favourite shoes at the moment are a pair of red Mephisto sandals that cost a small fortune but I love them so much. I was a solid Birkenstalk girl for years but when I went to buy a new pair they didn't have my size in stock. Another customer in the store highly recommended Mephisto's and said she liked them a lot more than Birks and was actually in the store to buy a second pair. The saleslady went to get my size and came back with - gasp! - red ones that just happen to be my favourite shoe colour. What could I do but buy them? They'll be my indoor shoes for several years and then I'll graduate them to outdoor so I know I'll get my money's worth.

Quilter Kathy said...

Lost their fingernails?!?! That's a new symptom to me!
Yes you should immediately order the new pattern with the woodpecker to work on when Jack is done and hops away!

Anonymous said...

Live on the edge. Buy the woodpecker pattern! I love the jackrabbit. You got a good deal on your shoes. My family studies teacher in high school said we should spend more money on the clothing/shoes we wear most often. She said to think about the cost per wear rather than the initial price . A good way to think about it…. Gail at the Cozy Quilter

Karrin Hurd said...

I'm voting yes for the woodpecker design. I've never heard of losing fingernails with COVID, but last time I was in the hairdresser she said I was losing hair, and she said that is a side-effect.

CathieJ said...

Oh my, you had so much to share in this post. I love the rabbit and the woodpecker designs. I recently purchased and returned a pair of Skechers. The toe box is too tight for me, but the wide version falls off my heels. I was so hopeful.

K Reeves said...

I’ll enable! I think the woodpecker would look great next to Mr. Rabbit!