Thursday, 4 August 2022

Three Free Patterns, Wildlife, Jackrabbit Cross Stitching, Favourite Sun Block Cream

 So what do you think? Lining one of the tunnels for a nest perhaps? Update...I've been told he/she is probably storing food for the winter.

The three small groundhogs, the chucklings, seem to have disappeared. I read they move on to establish their own territory and I hope that is true. This bigger one is spotted in the front yards nowadays often tearing chunks of grass. I've read a lot about groundhogs/woodchucks and have enjoyed observing and photographing them up close. Mid summer amusement. 

I've also enjoyed a few calm early mornings laying stitches on my beautiful Jackrabbit. Ran into a hitch when I realized I don't have enough Gentle Art's Aged Pewter thread that is the lighter grey forming the diamond pattern-which is a bit tricky to stitch and I have to really pay attention to the counting. 

 I've put in an order to 123 Stitch.Com; they provide the quickest service. Of course a couple of other things wound up in the cart. :D

Our prompt from LeeAnna this week was what is our favourite sunscreen. A good question as it took me ages to find one that I could wear on my face. I wear any old thing on my arms and the backs of my hands but for my face I wanted something different. It couldn't stay white-ish or be too greasy but yet have a good sun protection number. I finally found this one and do like it. On my second container this summer.

 It combines a face cream with SPF30. So I'm very happy to share this with you. Very reasonably priced as well and found on  Amazon if you would like to check it out. 
*I am not affiliated with any of the companies, etc. I mention on this blog. 

BTW, Thank you all for the kind comments about my finish I shared in  the last post. Basket Case was a joy from start to finish!

Three Free On a Thursday

At Quilting Cubby you will find the tutorial on how to make this summery Diamond String quilt. I like how they've chosen a bright to be a constant throughout the project. Really sets it off.


Flutterby Effect from Live Art Gallery An amazing table runner with stars and big stitch quilting from The Wannabe Grandma. That would be Alexa and she has a great site to check out too. Sorry I couldn't upload a photo.  First link leads to the free pattern so you can see it for yourself. 

Easy stitching this one- Harvest Runner from Robert Kaufman Designs using gorgeous fall like batiks.

Kitty And Me Designs has some sweet free cross stitch designs. Like this one...thinking ahead to a little Halloween stitching.

Elegant Vine Applique with Yoko Saito, one of my heroes. Wow, so fast and yet even with the stitching. 
I miss applique and need to get a project prepped.  And I do have one in the queue, of course. A project found at Timeless Traditions called Sweet and Simple designed by the talented Norma Whaley. Can't wait to get this one started. I love the adorable designs and will have fun picking out fabric for this. 
Hope there is something fun, interesting and engaging in your day!


Nancy J said...

Sweet and Simple, that looks beautiful, and what a variety of blocks, You will be kept busy for a long time. These days how good it is to be able to order threads, fabric, books, and other goodies on line.A cool morning here, off to fix the first mistake in my bookbinding adventure!!!

Jackie said...

Wonderful photo of the groundhog.

I have bookmarked those free cross stitch patterns. I am not a good enough quilter to do any of those patterns, but they are gorgeous.

God bless.

Brian said...

That groundhog photo is so amazing! The Applique sure is pretty too.

Cloudia said...

This has been such a pleasant visit! Thank you for stopping by. Also. Lovely to make your acquaintance

PaintedThread said...

What a great photo of that groundhog! that jackrabbit will be cool when it's done. The selvedge project I'm working on is a lot like that Diamond String pattern.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I do love watching any kind of wildlife around our yard or other places we go - your woodchuck look interesting to me! That's a great photo, Jocelyn! I like CeraVe products, too - didn't know they made a face cream with SPF 30. I'll have to look for that. The one I use, which I didn't think to share in my post is only SPF 15. You find the best free patterns! I especially like the Diamond block design.

Jenn Jilks said...

You needlework is so impressive.
I am having trouble concentrating these days. I've no attention span! Our grandies are here next week, so I'll be busy!
(ツ) from Jenn Jilks , ON, Canada!

Susie H said...

I love Timeless Traditions patterns. Norma is so thorough. You have really packed a lot of goodies in this post. I like ordering from 123 Stitch too. I've also had good luck with beach cottage stitchers. Thanks for the Yoko Saito video. She is SO AMAZING! Have a great week!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love all Cerave products! They're so good. I have a chubby woodchuck living in my yard. He always wobbles away when he hears me! Love the free patterns!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Had fun checking out your links and have to admit that I drooled just a teeny bit over that Sweet and Simple design but I'm not going to succumb. Flutterby Effect was intriguing too.
Must say you have captured the absolute best woodie picture I've ever seen!

Jennifer said...

Love your Jack Rabbit stitching! We didn't get to see a groundhog on any of our trips to Canada....your friend is quite comical with its cheecks stuffed with grass.

LA Paylor said...

oooo what a great capture on groundhog... Loved this post and we use cerave on our legs and arms. Didn't realize they had a face sunscreen. I'm not affiliated with any companies I recommend either. Your jackrabbit is gorgeous. gonna go check out the links. Hope this comment posts... having lots of trouble lately

MissPat said...

I've finally caught up on all your posts. I didn't realize how many I had missed since the emails are coming in. Signed up for Feedly, so I can keep up now. While you photo of the industrious woodchuck is cute, watch out for the holes they make. Try to find where they are digging as the holes are large and either you or the dog(s) could injure a foot or leg by stepping in one.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Oh, thank you, Jocelyn! I bought sun block this week, but it dried out my face and left a white cast. I will look for this one the next time I shop.

Linda said...

I like 123Stitch for service too. Thanks for the referral on sunscreen. The one I use on my face during the day is somewhat "shiny", so I need something specifically for my face. Well now you have sent me down the rabbit hole on the Diamond Strings! Enjoy your Sunday Jocelyn. :)

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Such a darling little groundhog and great photo. Gorgeous cross stitch that you have been working on and thank you so much for the links to explore. I always enjoy being enabled into a new project. Lol. Have a great day.

Gretchen Weaver said...

I use a lot of Cerave products. I love their face moisturizer. Perhaps the groundhog is storing grass to eat this winter. Enjoy your new applique project, happy stitching!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Jocelyn! Oh, that woodchuck is so darn cute. He looks like you caught him red-handed with grass in his mouth, and is wondering what you're going to do about it. Darn it about the thread needed for Jackrabbit but you have really come far on that project. Face sun protection is so difficult to find. I'll look for the CeraVe and give it a try. I agree with all the constraints you've shared - not greasy and light, yet good protection. Cute free patterns you've shared this week. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

Karrin Hurd said...

I've never seen a woodchuck. The only thing I usually see around here is the birds. We used to have skunks and possums come around when I was feeding some feral cats. Thanks for the links and hope you have a great week!

Judy Hansen said...

Hi Jocelyn,
I’m catching up on my blog reading and really like your redwork birds from an earlier post. I looked at the pattern you linked to, but the pattern doesn’t have the names of the birds. Did you add that? I like it very much. Lovely cursive writing too. We have had groundhogs too, Cute little guys.

piecefulwendy said...

The woodchuck photo is so good! I love the bunny stitchery, too!