Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A Couple of Baking Things and Books

                            Though I like August (it is another summer month after all), a little tingle of angst sets in round about the middle of the month. Memories or some residue of memories, I guess. I have an August birthday towards the end and it always was happy yet sad because just a week later it would be back to school. Holidays over.

And standing pond side early this morning while Murphy took her usual dip, a flurry of tiny leaves rained down on me.  I glanced up to see a young tree already giving up its leaves to autumn so despite a week of hot temperatures, our seasons are surely marching onward here in Canada.


Isn't this a pretty calendar and at The Cottage Market you can find one for each month of the year. Also lots of other free printables.

Getting to eat dinner out is a treat for me, one I love.
Hubby had his birthday in July and we celebrated with two invitations out to dinner. But that meant we postponed his home made birthday cake.  I finally got around to making him his promised birthday cake, sprinkles and all. And it was large, just the way he likes his cakes.

I probably saw this idea somewhere but have forgotten where... of making a basic yellow cake in two layers with a third surprise layer in the middle made of chocolate.

I used  the Southern Living basic yellow cake recipe and I did like the flavour.  Mine was on the dry side but that is because I always tend to over bake.
My chocolate layer was a basic brownie mixture which Hubby liked but found a bit chewy.  The recipe I used is This- LOL

                                          Image result for duncan hines brownie recipe

Anyway, said cake was liked very much by the birthday boy who turned the grand age of 78!!!

Have you tried these?  I think I would like them.  Cinnamon Sugar Pita Strips

Image result for cinnamon sugar pita strips

At the Broke and Cooking site you can get the recipe, though calling it a recipe is a bit of a stretch.  These are on my TRY SOON list.

I liked this movie which I got to watch on Netflix recently.

                                              Image result for arrival

 I guess it was the angle of exploring language and communication that interested me.  Amy Adams always gives a good performance and I liked how a fellow Newfoundlander, Mark O'Brien, also had a role in it.
                                   Image result for mark o'brien arrival

Summer Reading

I've been neglecting to share what I am reading.   I read these two books this summer and enjoyed them.

Image result

It was coincidental that both were about events around the Holocaust.  I also read several non fiction books; I'll think of the titles later- I don't know why non fiction titles don't stick with me.
 But this one sure did..

I listened to this audiobook holding my breath and often with tears in my eyes.

What a brave woman she is!

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