Sunday, 17 September 2017

I Fall In Love

My head is not easily turned, never was and certainly not these days.  But when it comes to fabric, cross stitch patterns and lovely stitching, my head is on a swivel.  I spied this project at the local quilt shop and immediately fell in love.  (And what is that something about a project that grabs and holds our attention, while others go unnoticed.)

I even love her name...Painted Lady.  A favourite little butterfly present in every province of Canada.  This is a pattern by Laura Heine and you can get a closer look at the beauty of it at the Fiberworks shop here.

 I couldn't wait to have the patchwork blocks done to begin this piece and what a lift it gave me to be working with such vibrant colours.  The folks at Mad About Patchwork had put together a convenient bundle of all the materials needed to stitch it.  The materials are wool and included were the pretty Valdani threads to match.

A start has been made- above are the freezer paper pieces and  below, a couple of petals stitched on by hand using a blanket stitch.

Wool is such a forgiving material to embroider on; my main challenge with this will be to make sure the placement is accurate.  I think I can manage that even in my addled brain state!

Here is another lovely butterfly, not as common as a Painted Lady, but one of the green comma butterflies - I think; there are so many variations of this little fellow it is hard to be sure.  The hydrangea blossoms are a wonder in all they attract...loads of bees of different kinds and butterflies as well.

Painted Lady will get all my stitching attention today, this late September Sunday.
 I hope all is calm sailing where ever you are!

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