Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Finishes and Santa Stitching

Well, I must admit I'm starting to feel more normal.  But I've been working on it...walking lots, trying to sleep better and more, listening to music I love, researching a few ideas I've had on my list for ages that were nagging me, and getting out with friends.

I've mentioned I am a true loner.  If you can think that heaven is being home, plonked in front of a Netflix show, stitching in hand and two dogs snoring softly nearby, then you understand me.  And yes, Hubby is in this scenerio too.  It's like I want someone else with me but a someone who won't interfere with my idea of heaven.  Luckily this is his notion of heaven too.

So the getting out with friends was a good thing to do; afterwards I'm always glad I went and I knew this to be true about myself.  And lunching in pretty places is good too.  Especially ones with homemade scones.  I always buy several to take home for a treat.  This one is some kind of herb and cheese.  Very dense and tasty.

So I've ticked all the boxes on the mood lifting list and yes, they worked.  My mood is definitely improved.

So my big knitted blanket is finished.  Happy about that.  Temperatures already dipping down at night so it will come in handy directly.

But especially proud to have these done.  The twelve patchwork edgings on the A Patchwork Year project.  May not be perfect but finished is good.  A couple of points need a little bit of tweaking but nothing too serious.  I actually got better at this as I went along and I don't know why that would be a surprise, practice being the way to improve and all.

I also have six of the designs stitched.  I couldn't resist working on Santa.  Stitching a Santa has to be a happy thing and I was pleased with him.

  Though I did have a moment of panic.  See where his belt is attached to the pack...I was sewing in the basement, realized the belt was not where it should be around his waist and thought, oh no, I've traced the pattern all wrong.  Raced up to the sewing room to look at the pattern and thankfully, the belt is exactly where Kathy had drawn it.  Whew!

Redwork is always such happy stitching.  I love it.

I am so so sorry for all the people being terrorized by these monster hurricanes and forest fires.