Sunday, 4 February 2018

February Fun (Remembered)

Friends in the northern hemisphere....Did you go snow sliding as a kid?

 Growing up in Corner Brook, with its snowy, hilly terrain, I got to slide many days of the winter months.  I loved it.  I lived in the far left hand corner there on the outskirts. (Like Lincoln, I had a very long walk to school each day, lol.)

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  I didn't have a sleigh like in the picture further below but a toboggan and I remember well the Christmas I got a new one, a five seater so I could always have a couple of friends on the back with me.
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 There were no  parents with us, just us kids on the hill at the end of our road and we had to negotiate our own issues with each other.  A couple of the boys were speed demons and we seemed to know to step aside; if there were bumps we just got over it and carried on. Occasionally some kid would be crying about something and go home but before you knew it, they would be back again.

The only time a grown up was heard from was when one called us home for a meal.

Some of the kids did not have a sleigh or toboggan but used a piece of plastic or linoleum (on its shiny side) and preferred it as it made them very swift.  There would be bragging about who's piece could go faster.

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I love the colour palette of this illustration. Do you?
What a different world it is now!

On Facebook people are starting a countdown to spring.  I understand the longing but try not to do that as we really can't wish our time away. It will get there before we know it.

And proof of that is this: I was thrilled to see first buds on these Kolanchoe plants.  I have nursed these (I now have three pots of them) from a tiny sprig given to me two years ago.  I followed the simple advice for wintering them indoors and it seems to have been successful. Mine are orange and I'm curious if the little plants I've gotten will also have orange blooms.

And speaking of flowers....Here are flower heads being put into place on my first pot of flowers.

 As always, I have an abundance of slow stitching needing my attention.

Hope that this sort of thing is all that requires your attention today too- nothing more pressing while like me, you reminisce about a happy childhood memory.

Happy too to link up with other slow stitchers at Kathy's Quilts. And also linking with Cooking Up QuiltsBambi's Show and Tell MondayGone Stitchin'Katie Mae Quilts and What a Hoot Quilts.  It's a whole stiching world out there!

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