Thursday, 1 February 2018

Kathy Schmitz Forget Me Not, Always Something New to Me!, Appliqueing Stems

Thursday with its nearness to Friday made it a great day in my working world.  I liked to do a house tidy up that evening so I could come home on Friday and have no pressing household chores to spoil the enjoyment of a weekend at hand.  Did you do that too? Do you do that?

And Welcome February!
Here is A Patchwork Year's February block all quilted ready to be sashed.  It has Forget Me Not on it and the hand is really not that wrinkled.

I like this illustration by Brett Ryder, a very talented UK artist. I learned his name a few years ago reading O magazine.
This one caught my eye because of the yellow house in the bottom much like the saltbox houses at home.  I love illustration type paintings...the eye has so much to take in.

o magazine unstuck quiz

Someone knows their quilting...linking meandering and stippling in this one is clever.

New to Me- Always Something to Learn!

The act of Mark Making.
  I read this post by Linda at Notes From Studio B.  Linda is marking 71 days till her 71st birthday with a small artistic drawing in black and white each day.  I was intrigued with this idea and went searching on the web.  I know many of you keep journals and try to write/ stitch/ make something most days to mark the time in one way or another.
Turns out there are many sites featuring ways to make your mark. This was on Craftsy.
Mark making ideas
Self expression is so important and I wish it could be better preserved in school systems.

I've finished with the quilting of the Scandinavian Christmas and while I'm deciding on the binding material, I'm working on the Flowers in Pots BOM.  I've just finished appliqueing the stems and this is such an awkward looking stage.  It will look so much better when the flower heads are sewn on.

Meanwhile, I am always struck by the generosity of stitchers. Here is another story of folks doing their part to support those going through a crisis.
Edith shares This post about ladies stitching Heart cushions for patients with breast cancer.  I think it would feel good to be on the receiving end.
As always getting together with the folks at Not Afraid of Color.
Also linking this post with Busy Hands Quilts.

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