Sunday, 11 February 2018

No Reply Bloggers and Oh SoTalented Bloggers

I'm the no reply blogger in that title. But I have tried hard not to be.  Last week I wrote a question on the Blogger Help Forum (second time) requesting help with this issue.  Within minutes I had a reply and two links to read that explain it is basically my Google Plus status that doesn't allow some replies.  It is what it is, apparently.

But on to the talented boggers!

Allie Oops at Allie Oops Sweet Happy Life is the only one in my life who calls me Hon and I love it.  Allie has designed a sweet stitch-along called Garden of Contentment.  She has chosen such a pretty  spring-like "easy on the eyes" palette for it, I was instantly drawn. I've downloaded my patterns and am waiting to replace my printer toner to print them.  Btw, if you ever wanted to try your hand at applique, these patterns would be excellent to begin with.

                         Garden of Contentment

Yvonne at Stitch and Travel has published a book about where her interest in quilting has taken her around the globe.  She has made real friends of stitching folks wherever she has traveled and has even organized stitching travel jaunts herself. What a great achievement this book is for her!


Kathleen Tracey at A Sentimental Quilter has her latest book, A Prairie Journey, coming out in July.  It will celebrate the pioneering spirit in a number of small projects. I wish I could show you the cover; it would make you see why I was taken by it.

Back to my reality...I start out the day with a somewhat neat and tidy workplace; but by day's end it looks like this.  It's like at some point I have to have everything pulled out and piled around me. Thank goodness I can close the door on this when I need to, unlike in my dining room for a sewing room days.  I bet those Oh So Talented Bloggers don't do this! ( I hope I don't set off someone's OCD for neatness by showing this...which I've been known to do!  Anyone remember my Header photo of messy thread spools that someone asked I take down because it was driving her nuts!)

Anyway, I had fun making the thin stems for my Block 2 on Angie's Potted Flowers BOM using this little doohickey. I first read about the Bias Tape tool at the  Every Stitch blog; Ann is another talented Australian quilter turning out the most beautiful appliqued quilts and shares her methods and tools too which is very helpful.

After I got the hang of it, I enjoyed using it and will get the next largest size too.  Turns out a very nice stem with very little effort. And I remembered to cut the fabric on the diagonal!

A quick little video showing how it works. Nothing to it really.

Stitching down these stems and finishing the flower heads will take up stitching time today.  I am happy with the colours I've chosen for this block which makes it 2 for 2.

Hubby is feeling much better-cough almost gone and he is getting his energy back. Meanwhile, I seem to have the sniffles-drats!!

It wouldn't be a Sunday if I didn't link up with Kathy's Quilts and the other folks also sharing slow stitching projects. Also gratefully linking with Busy Hands QuiltsCrazy Mom Quilts, Cooking Up Quilts, The Needle and Thread Network and Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.