Sunday 18 February 2018

Diamonds and I Were Never Friends/ Our History

In my last post I hinted at a possible whole different life for myself.  Yes, I'm living a life I never thought would happen for me.  When I had the carpenter put in the basement apartment at daughter's, I enjoyed every minute of the designing and material choosing.  I thought it would be my home for a long time.  With my teacher's pension and living with daughter, my modest needs, etc. etc., I figured it would be all good.  Diamonds and I were never friends and as long as I had a garden to dig in and money enough for thread and fabrics and to fill the bird feeder, I would be fine.

 I had a strong vision of myself as a single senior. But about that time I figured I would need to have some acquaintances so I joined a couple of organizations, completed a 10 week Palliative Care course for volunteer work and signed up with an online senior friend group.

And met Hubby who'd been widowed almost ten years by then; simply put he's turned out to be just about the best friend I could ever have met.  Kind and gentle and doesn't care how much money I spend on my stitching or bird feed.  I had to smile yesterday- when we first got together he used to send me links to jewelry sales; yesterday he forwarded one about squirrel resistent bird feeders for me to check out.

So back home on Friday where I belong with my fellow geeky mate who was very happy to see me and the furry fellows were so happy as well.  I think Murphy had forgotten I'd returned because when I went to let her in this morning after hubby had put her out, she gave me her wild happy greeting all over again. Gotta love dogs for the enthusiasm they show when they see you.

Stitching News
I am  happy I got this block of the Potted Flowers BOM almost finished and I so wish the camera could show the true colours of this one.  I tried my hand at fussy cutting the leaves and think I like them.
Today I want to complete the knots in the centers of the Block 1 flowers.

 Someone asked about my Snowball blocks.

I know many of you are adept at handling long rows of blocks, but I've found sewing blocks into a large square works best for me.  I've got the first block of 16 together with little effort. Just umpteen more of these and I will have a quilt!

Sunday and definitely a slow stitching day for me and for others over at Kathy's Quilts. What's up with you?
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