Sunday 10 June 2018

Netflix Show, Purl Soho Quilt and Grasshopper Blocks

Sunrise over our little pond this morning.  I'd gone down early hoping to catch the early bird with my camera. No luck but got lots of bites from mosquitoes or nippers as we called them growing up.

I know most of you are so wonderful with handling complex quilt piecing but not all of us are such quilting queens.  I had to share this pattern for the latter group though I'm thinking the ease this one could go together would please anyone.

I loved making the snowballs in that snowballs quilt a while back.  When I spied the Tiny Tiles quilt kit at Purl Soho, I immediately thought of the way the snowballs quilt goes together and sure enough, this is another variation.

Tiny Tile Quilt | Purl Soho

Kind of ingenious really, how simple this is but so effective. An added bonus of this pattern is you can use scraps and very tiny pieces of material. Corinne at Purl Soho gives a very detailed tutorial on how to make it all the way through to how to quilt it. She has written it as a beginner style of tutorial so nothing is left to chance. I was thinking what a great baby quilt it would make and judging by the numerous comments at their site, this pattern was a huge hit.
Btw, Purl Soho generously provides free instructions for all their  lovely quilt kits.

One step ahead and a couple back-

Last night we finished up this Netflix drama which we enjoyed. Dilemmas and gray areas abound in this one.  Did anybody else catch it?

                                             Image result for seven seconds

All the while I hand sewed my rows together for this block in my Grasshopper BOM.  Just have the corner to attach and fingers crossed, it will be the size required.  If this one is all good, I'll be cutting out the pieces for the other three and plan to do some veranda stitching when it warms up later today.

 Sometimes it's just about what you can live with...

In the background there, is my Friendship Garden Mystery Quilt block all apart...Yes, I couldn't bear to look at the uneven lines and undid a couple of borders which I felt surprisingly okay with.  It is my machine stitching accuracy project so I may as well do my best to make it so, right?

 Hope it is all forward marching for you though!

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