Thursday 2 August 2018

Oh Thursday I Used to Love You

Oh Thursday, I used to love you just because of your proximity to Friday.  Now my days are all Fridays or Saturdays or Sundays.  But Thursday, I still like you.

And on this Thursday I want to share some things I've enjoyed recently.

I made and ate this again...I love curried soups. I don't follow a recipe anymore but this recipe from Pinch of Yum  called Anything You Have Coconut Soup is a good one.  I used chicken broth instead of vegetable, omitted the tofu but added a handful of a rice/lentil blend I have and used up elderly mushrooms from my fridge. As usual I sprinkled a little of one of my Pink Lady apples on top.  They're presently still my favourite.

I bought a loaf of a specialty whole wheat bread to go with it.  It was okay; I think what I make in my Bread Machine is just as good if not better. Note Miss Murphy's strategic location.

I drank this- Rose's Lime Cordial, added a splash to my ice water and it was so tasty! My grandparents used to drink this- it's being made for over 140 years, started as a cure for scurvy in sailors!  I'm drinking a lot of water these days and sometimes I need a bit of a boost to down it.

I thought should I be stitching something for Christmas. It seems to be a thing online these days...the whole "Christmas in July" wave. With that in mind, here is some temptation.

Craftsy Loads of lovely projects here to ogle.
Pinterest link to 165 Christmas Stitching projects- I like the Scandinavian Fabric Stars, do you?

                                        Image result for Scandinavian fabric stars

Rose at Threadbare Creations offers a free pattern for a beautiful Christmas Star. Rose also offered a free Christmas Planner that is still available to download in  this post if you have a hankering to get yourself all organized. I think if I was younger, it would be a very useful tool.
What about you? Are you ahead of yourself and making Christmas things already??

I keep working on my SewLaughLove embroidery project and am happy to have most of it done. It will be my OMG for the August link up at Elm Street Quilts and that includes the borders and quilting.  Yes, I'm enjoying the hand work that much.

I cut my hair this week even though I'd vowed (like I always do) I was going to get a professional cut this time.  But I'd invested in good scissors from Amazon and was eager to try them.  They were amazing; it's a wonder I have a hair left!

I got Hubby to take my picture to show you...not a great photo but you can see my cut. The Maroccanoil Hair spray works wonders with texture and lift (I recommend it)...oh oh- still have a slight wing there on the right.

My "older woman look" in photos is definitely coming along. My Mom is the only person who looks at these blog photos and tells me I look too thin, bless her heart, rather than old. Anyway, I remind her I carry my reserves further south in my body and there's lots there should I ever need it. LOL
I wonder though would I look better having my hair longer on the sides to combat the long face.  What do you think?
 But I don't mind looking older at all...a pleasure denied to many as the saying goes.

I enjoyed this quote from a woman who has had to cope with so much... Hannah Gadsby.

                                             Image result for hannah gadsby quotes

 I agree with Hannah.  A woman who's been broken and put herself back together, is the strongest of women.  Since I've had to reassemble myself a couple of times, I like to think this applies to me too. And feeling grateful for the strength to more or less carry it off!

So what are you managing to carry off these days? Because we do have to keep going, don't we!

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