Monday 24 February 2020

Thread Magnets, Hand Quilting, Blessings After All

I realized winter clothes are serious lint gathering clothes. Extra thick leggings under something woolly or corduroy and usually dark colours- all of which are ort magnets is what I wear mostly in winter.  Here is a typical getup for me, my black corduroy dress which has survived multiple washings and is soft, warm and comfortable.  And a perfect thread magnet.
  I could completely clean the sewing room floor if I rolled around on it just a couple of times.  But that's not going to happen.  When I'm playing with younger grandson and I'm crouching for a while hiding or rolling on the floor (which we have done in a contest once to see who could roll the fastest- we tied), it's a shock to realize how unused to such exercise my body is.  And how easily my head can spin.

Time Waster Last Week
I spent ages researching why my audio on this lap top seemed to have disappeared.  Voices suddenly were just whispers.  Hubby helpfully suggested deafness on my part as he doesn't think I hear him sometimes.  But no, turns out this little button on the keypad had been turned all the way down.  Right in front of me and with the little audio icon and everything.

To Do This Week
I'm going to spend the week days at daughter's house in another town for her to take an annual southern holiday.  I'll be staying with the older grandson.  On our agenda is going to see the Oscar winning movie, Parasite.  In addition, I'm hoping to get to several libraries, Michaels and a couple of quilting shops while he is in school.

I have to get together my stitching to take with me for the time away. I have plenty of projects requiring hand work so I'm choosing the Swirling Flowers cross stitch, the Cardinal piece there to lay some quilting lines by hand and finish the Cabin- hopefully. I won't drag along the dresdens panel because it is too big.  I will be taking my desk top Ott Lite to help out the old eyes.
Also I must line up Hubby's meals.  Especially rearrange the fridge and pantry so he can find things with his Man Eyes.

Meanwhile, warmer temperatures lately with brilliant sunshine and look who showed up in my puzzle box, a scant sign of spring.  This is a harmless Western Conifer Seed bug and living among fir trees like we do, we see them from time to time in the house. I love to look at their patterning. Hubby doesn't want me to put them outside because they'll freeze.  So a colony is brewing here somewhere!
I've had my share of ups and downs...and oh, the losses.  I take nothing in my present life for granted, not for one second, not even a tiny bit.
                                         Image result for one has to spend so many years in learning how to be happy. george elliot

Maybe it is time that teaches us there is richness in the little things. And the living on too, surviving, now that is a blessing. 
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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

nice to house sit for your daughter and keep an eye on your grandson and go to shops and libraries and things that you don't have at home for a week - almost like a vacation!

PaintedThread said...

The close up of that bug is really cool. Looks like inlaid wood. I was just picking off thread from my black jeans - so I had to laugh at your corduroy. Sounds like you'll have a fun week. Man eyes... LOL. :-)

Eva H. said...

Beautiful sewing-mainly have the power yet.I stopped, therefore I admire other seamstresses.Now I only embroider(richelieu).Staying in town of your daughter will be fine.
There is a snowfall in the moments.But it is + 6 °C! This year we had no snow here under the mountains.
Hugs Eva in Czech Republic

eileeninmd said...

Hello, it is nice you can stay with your grandson while your daughter goes on a holiday. Your quilt work looks pretty, I like the Cardinal. The bug looks a little like the stink bugs I see here, just the shape.
Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

Bonnie said...

I hope you get a lot done on your projects while staying with your grandson. Enjoy your time with him. Hum, we tend to catch and release bugs we find in the house although we have a very efficient pest company that pretty much controls all flying and crawling insects.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Have a wonderful week with your grandson, Jocelyn! I'm curious about that movie, too. I had to laugh about your conversation with hubby about your hearing - we have that same one quite often! Glad you figured out the volume on your computer was the culprit!

Julierose said...

Hope you have a wonderful visit with your daughter...I like to bring hand work when I visit or travel too;)))
I love that little cardinal piece--hugs, Julierose

eileeninmd said...

PS, thank for sharing your post. I hope you are having a great day!

CathieJ said...

That bug would never stay in my house for long. I am terrified of most bugs(quickening heart rate and light-headedness type of terrified). I know it comes from spiders taking up residence in my doll-house in the basement as a small child. I hope you enjoy your stay with your grandson.

Brian's Home Blog said...

Have a fun time with your Grandson and I hope you enjoy the movie! That really is some interesting bug!

Linda said...

I can't imagine being able to win a rolling contest between me and my grandchildren - hah!
"Man eyes" - LOL!
Your planned activities while grandson is in school sounds fun. Have a great time!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Man Eyes. I'm going to use that one, lol. Terry can ALWAYS find whatever I am looking for, but when it comes to the the fridge or pantry he always says I MOVED it when he can't find something. If I ever had a huge house I'd find a fridge that filled one wall with shallow shelves so I can't hide anything from Terry. It seems like going to "babysit" will give you a nice change of pace. I just saw a report on the news that we have not had cold enough for a long enough time to kill off bugs which will be a huge problem for farmers. I know spring is near because I have had a gnat fly by and disposed of two Stink Bugs. Have a fun visit.
xx, Carol

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Jocelyn! My head spins just thinking of having a rolling contest. HAHA! But it does sound fun although I get vertigo very easily. I may just have to pass on those contests. HAHA - DH is lucky he isn't having trouble hearing after his little comment. You could have bopped his ears for the suggestion. For some reason that just makes me chuckle - I know exactly which key you are referring to. heehee. HA. HAHA! Oh, yes, Man Eyes. We just had a lengthy discussion about those at work today. Another topic that makes me chuckle. I'm going to be falling off my chair soon. I know you'll enjoy the time at your daughter's place. Not to mention Michael's and the quilt shops. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

loulee said...

Interesting visitor. I usually get spiders. They get evicted, or worse!!
Enjoy your time with your grandson.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sounds like you have some fun things planned with your grandson - the things that memories (for both of you) are made of. I can easily 'see' an embroidery pattern in the design on that bug!

Angie said...

Jocelyn - how DARE he suggest that your hearing might be going? We hear fine - we just decide not to respond! I hope you are enjoying your time with your grandson - a blessing for you, your daughter and your grandson! We find the occasional stinkbug in the house at this time of year. I put them outside - it is their natural environment, after all!

Sharon Wayne said...
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