Monday 20 May 2024

Life Lessons, Crossroads Quilt, Mother Robin

"The times they are a-changin..." Bob Dylan

The library underwent upgrading last summer and huge new windows were installed. This was the view a couple of weeks ago out one of them. It struck me it could have been taken in so many small towns all over America with a church squarely in view. This is the Zion-Memorial United Church which would have been my church in the old days. This one is holding on but one of the other especially beautiful stone churches has been turned into apartments.  

LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color's prompt last week was what were our lessons from childhood. I learned lots from Mom and Dad, of course, but here were two main influences outside the home. Below is First United Church, Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador as it was when I attended growing up. 
I learned the Golden Rule, of course, and through their missionary and services, that it was important to help out people in other parts of the world. I learned about Corrie ten Boom in Sunday School and it must have impressed me because I always remembered her and what she did.  I learned how important it is to take care of our world, a wonderful creation, and we each are stewards of the world. 

 Along with the church, I was a Girl Guide and each week pledged my allegiance to God, the Queen and my country. I took those words to heart. I was also a Partrol Leader, Bluebird patrol, and this little foray into leadership gave me much needed confidence. I loved the wide range of activities, the weekly sing along and closing each meeting singing Taps. I was so upset once when I thought I would have to miss a meeting that Mom paid for a taxi to get me there and that would have been a big deal to do that. What an earnest, serious kid I was! Good Grief! Did your activities outside the home also influence you?

Ok back to the very much less here at the Wooden House. I finally got a photo of the Crossroads flimsie. This simple pattern went together without a hitch.  Ned wanted to help. 

I've been spending an hour here and there raking and tidying the garden. I'm never in a hurry to do this as I like to give all the critters that overwintered there a chance to get on their way. My she is surely mine now, has finished her nest on the front door light and is doing a lot of sitting. Note...I did remove the material twice as we are in a small forest so lots of places to nest. But she was determined to be right here
 I've moved our big salt bin and my stick containers further along the veranda. They were right under the nest and would have given an animal access. And we are now mainly using the door at the further end of the veranda. I took this photo of a robin on the front lawn and I'm pretty sure it is her because there is straw in the beak.
Fingers crossed it will work out. 

I showed you my are my fingers. I'm no longer surprised when I see those nails. But if you could see what my fingers get up to here with the garden and dogs and big house to clean, etc. they won't be looking like this long. 

Below is between the walks and ball playing I'm fitting in for Ned and Petey. It is great exercise for me too so I'm very happy to do it. Here they are still panting after a game of fetch. 
Don't forget either..."The present now will later be past"...also Bob.
Yes, time moves on for sure. We just have to make the most of it while we can. To that end, here is an excellent article about how to make time work for us...Ten Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Time on This Planet
Okay starting to ramble now, so I'll end this post. Hope you are staying focused or happily rambling- whatever suits!

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That is a beautiful church building! Many of our older churches in town here have also been turned into businesses or homes. I'm always curious about how they use that church space as a home. Your Crossroads flimsy is lovely, Jocelyn! I really like that constant red center square in each block. It appears that mama robin was a determined gal! Hopefully you'll get to watch some babies in the near future.

Laura said...

Love your Crossroads flimsy, Jocelyn! It does inspire me to make one...maybe one day!
Birds are such determined creatures and we love them! The Hubster and I have a pair of flycatchers that nest on our porch light every year. We have also tried to 'change their minds' but nothing doing! They don't mind at all that we use that door all day long. I admit that I am happy that they nest there, the little families are such fun to watch! :)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I haven't seen any churches turned into homes around here but most of the churches here are not that pretty type. The Baptist and whatever some tend to be (I really don't know, the religions seem to be made up in the south to what a small group of people want) are in small box like buildings, some are rented old business that went out of business - one I remember at one time was a beauty shop and now has a group of about 20 people meeting there - I don't know what it is.
I went to a pretty Catholic church in the north when I was a kid and there is one Catholic church in the nearby town - but Catholic religion is not dominate here.

Nancy J said...

A very safe place for her nest, no animal would find it easy to scale the wall. Love your flimsy, I agree that the red centre squares are great.

Gretchen Weaver said...

Your quilt looks very nice. Enjoy your rambles without snow or mud!

Jenny said...

Such lovely thoughts in this blog post, Jocelyn. I do like your Cross Roads top, simple but so effective. Would you mind letting me know the size of the cut pieces please.

Jackie said...

What a lovely church. I am so glad it is still around and functioning as a church.

I belonged to the Canadian Girls In Training growing up. Went through each level of the group. I loved learning the things we were taught. I also went to Sunday School with the same group of 6 until the end of Grade 11 when we moved.

God bless.

Linda said...

Your Crossroads flimsy is so very pretty - love the consistent red piece. It is very eye-pleasing. We love to see old church buildings and often drive past them to see them up close. My early life was heavily influenced by our frequent attendance of the Methodist church in our small town. Good, good memories. I love that you are accommodating your life around the robin. We had barn swallows build a nest on our patio twice before we screened it in. I'm sure they were crushed and I often wonder where they nest now. There is a nest in the fan under our pergola, but we think it is a blue jay nest. Your nails and hands are lovely!

Kate said...

Crossroads turned out beautifully. Old churches are so majestic, they don't build them that way anymore. Birds do get fixated about where to put their nests. We've had several try for the downspout at the front door, the wind from the first storm of the season takes it out every time.

QuiltGranma said...

My childhood was also spent attending United Methodist Church services, along with Methodist Youth Fellowship ... gathering of young people from the church and community, and Couples Club, for the adults... the name has changed since so many are not married to the same people now or are widows/widowers, or otherwise unmarried.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Crossroads looks amazing, Joceyln. You had a gorgeous selection of fabrics to work with. Mama Robin was determined wasn't she? The bird that is nesting on my porch column swooped down toward my head this morning, she was not happy for me to come out my front door. I hope your mama is a lot more friendly. LOL. Have a great week. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Your crossroads quilt is lovely! How will you quilt it?
I have seen a few churches that have been converted to homes very tastefully.
I was also a very enthusiastic Girl Guide, earning many badges and my Canada Cord.
I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Gail at the cozy quilter.

PaintedThread said...

It's amazing how determined birds can be about nesting spots. Phoebes are messy and determined, so I really did not want them nesting over my window! Took removing the nest every day for a week to make them rethink. Love your flimsy. :-)

sue s said...

I love your Crossroads and it's on my list. We have a church in town that is now a real estate agency. You'd never know except for the sign out front. We have a hangar on our back deck that we hang the folding lawn chairs on. Last year the Robin family made a nest on top of the chairs. They raised 2 broods! If we were very quiet we could sit on the far end of the deck and watch the parents feeding the little ones. No nest this year.

Pat at Bell Creek Quilts said...

Beautiful church, beautiful quilt top and beautiful nails!

Sara said...

The Crossroads flimsy is really lovely! So is the view from the library window. My home church in Minnesota has been turned into an event center. It has a semi-circular sanctuary, so it's a beautiful spot for art shows, etc. My biggest lesson from my dad was about integrity.

time4stitchn said...

I love that you shared a little of your personal history, especially the churches which are so beautiful. It is amazing how being post World War 2 how churches and activities all centered on faith and morals and caring for each other and the earth. And as a visiting American, I like hearing the similarities of your country to ours. My family had a cottage north of Toronto and I have traveled many times every year there since I was 10 and stayed the summers when I lived at home. I always have loved Canada.

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Cute little bird. I love your Crossroads quilt top, and of course Ned is a great helper ;)
Thank you for sharing!

Nancy said...

It's great that your library has open space around it with a great view, especially because it has big, beautiful windows. Our nearest town built a new library a few years ago. It too has big windows but it's on a busy corner, crammed next to other buildings. Now wonderful views like your library!
Crossroads looks great! I love the red square in the center of every block, and the colors are delightful together.
Your robin seems to know what she wants and is persistent. She's a pretty bird. When she's finished with the nest will you save it?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I would love to live in an old church - especially if it was as pretty as the ones you've shown us.
You asking about activities outside the home when we were kids - sadly I was a farm kid and my Dad (the principal driver) simply didn't have time to take me to anything. My best friend was in the same situation and I don't think either of us really missed being in outside groups.
Your nails look lovely! I have often thought I would like to have pretty nails and picked up some polish, only to find that it peels off within the day. I'd rather be sewing than spending time with nail upkeep.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Your crossroads flimsy is a beauty - but Ned...Sweet Ned - he totally makes the photo!
That is so cool to learn about the things you did s a child. They do influence us! What a gorgeous view of the church!

dq said...

Your little forest is so beautiful as is your crossroads quilt. It is on my to do list...maybe in 2025.