Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hate to Cut Good Fabric?

Are you like me and hate to cut into a lovely piece of fabric?
 I can't help think that I am going to ruin it somehow.  So I have hung onto my best fabrics till my skills improve or the project really warrants it, so I tell myself.  Meanwhile I sometimes take them out, give them a pat, and return them to their 'safe from my shears' box.

My Farmer's Wife book came with a CD and Hubby printed out the first ten blocks for me. What would I do without him?

The very first block honours an unknown farm woman, "Addie", which I imagine is short for Adelaide or Adeline.  I love this fact because one of my great-grandmothers was Adelaide and she is the one who had very curly hair to which I owe my own curly locks.
 But just look at this block; all I see are points.  Eek. And it will entail the cutting of fabric.

Meanwhile, do you have Old Navy stores where you live?  I don't usually shop there but Daughter was there buying back to school things for grandson so I had a look around.  I found this outfit for $23; I love skirts (hide my thighs) and have trouble finding ones that have volume (to hide said thighs). This one fit the bill.

Looks comfy, heh?