Friday 12 May 2017

Cutting Good Fabric, Favourite Old Navy Outfit

I love to reread some of my old posts especially if something about them catches my eye. In this case I'm happy to note my  fear of cutting good fabric is lessening.  So I am moving along! I am also still wearing that outfit!

Are you like me and hate to cut into a lovely piece of fabric?

 I can't help think that I am going to ruin it somehow.  So I have hung onto my best fabrics till my skills improve or the project really warrants it, so I tell myself.  Meanwhile I sometimes take them out, give them a pat, and return them to their 'safe from my shears' box.

My Farmer's Wife book came with a CD and Hubby printed out the first ten blocks for me. What would I do without him?

The very first block honours an unknown farm woman, "Addie", which I imagine is short for Adelaide or Adeline.  I love this fact because one of my great-grandmothers was Adelaide and she is the one who had very curly hair to which I owe my own curly locks.

 But just look at this block; all I see are points.  Eek. And it will entail the cutting of fabric.

Meanwhile, do you have Old Navy stores where you live?  I don't usually shop there but Daughter was there buying back to school things for grandson so I had a look around.  I found this outfit for $23; I love skirts (hide my thighs) and have trouble finding ones that have volume (to hide said thighs). This one fit the bill.

Looks comfy, heh? Yes, very!
Added as well...if you read my blog present day, 2023 that is, I am wearing this outfit in this photo taken in August.

 Old Navy has terrific bargains for the whole family online. I check them out often. Old Navy
Hope your day is going well!

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