Monday, 22 May 2017

A Little News

It seems I am living up to my new mantra already and going to be away from my blog and the internet for a week.  This will give me some withdrawal symptoms for sure but a little break is good.

I am going on our annual journey with older grandson and his grandfather. It will all be by train which is my favourite way to travel.

None of my current stitching projects are going with me...too big for a tiny rolly suitcase.  Instead I prepped a small embroidery project because I couldn't think of being away without something to work on.  A little addicted too I know!

Here is that project- Kathy Schmitz's Stitched in Red series.
  I bought all 12 monthly patterns a while ago and finally decided it was time to make a start.  And it would be nice if the lighting in the hotel will be conducive to me doing a little stitching at the end of the days.   This is the block for May and there is lots for me to like about it.  First off, I love redwork and  though our Bees and Blooms are just making an appearance here they are nonetheless so appreciated.

                                      Bees 'n Blooms (May)

Did any of you work on this particular project of Kathy's?  Have you seen her latest simple yet so sweet.  This one is called Bees in the Bowers and it has my name on it!

                                Bees in the Bowers

You know what I'm really going to miss this week...visiting your blogs.  But I'll think about you and know there will be some wonderful reading waiting for me when I get home.

Have a wonderful week all!