Thursday, 4 May 2017

Happy Distractions This Week

I liked this article. Man knits his way around the world.  I wonder what would you think.

Actually I'm not sure I like this, but I was fascinated with the idea. The ultimate in a headboard, a cross stitched one. Find the details at Re-scape .com.

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Like so many of you with the lovely likes, books are often a part of them. I've been neglecting to share what I am reading. Here is the latest one...All For Nothing by Walter Kempowski, a novel about a wealthy family living in East Prussia in 1944.  It is what I think of as literary and I've never read anything about this part of the world before.  So far, interesting to me.

My niece posted this article on Facebook and I enjoyed checking it out. I made note of several I haven't read that looked interesting.

Unputdownable: 17 Books

I came across Janet Clare several years ago on one of my hunts around the net for bird stuff.  She is a British artist and I admired this particular pattern of hers called Small Brown British Birds. I liked the combination of embroidery with patchwork and applique. I also liked the way she had included a tiny description of each bird in their here, the bullfinches "are quiet" while the sparrows "are very noisy". Here is a link to Janet's blog and to her shop.

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I love this piece below of applique combined with embroidery I found on Pinterest. It brings to mind two happy memories for me.  One, it reminds me of the Arctic cotton that grew around the community I lived in on Baffin Island when I was a young teacher and mother.

4304c544efc50e8adc02d597d8d8d96e.jpg 750×1,004 pixels:

Arctic cotton photo captured from the net.

                                                 Image result for arctic cotton

And two, it reminded me of the jelly fish I saw in a large aquarium tank at the Toronto Ripley's Aquarium of Canada which I visited with older grandson two years ago.

I know it doesn't really look like either of those things, but it is interesting how certain sights can
pull up a memory of things past. Happy memories in this case.

I looked and looked but could not find the source to credit the artist who made this wonderful piece; I'd love to see all of it. If you come across any info, please let me know.

And here we are behaving like tourists riding around on a double decker tour bus.  Gotta like that!

I don't get to travel often but love it when I do.
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